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[It's LIQUID News] pEtE Maatu - City Conversations

Date: Tue, 16 Nov 2010 20:21:29 +0100
Subject: [It's LIQUID News] pEtE Maatu - City Conversations

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November 16, 2010
pete maatu – city conversations; in her own words
pete maatu - city conversations; in her own words
December 17-19, 2010
NGMA in collaboration with Bangalore Film Society and Just femme present "pEtE Maatu - City conversations; in her own words" - December 17-19, 2010
International Short and Documentary Film Festival - Call for Entries
"In thousands of eyes, in thousands of objects, the city is reflected" Walter Benjamin
Just Femme in collaboration with Bangalore Film Society and NGMA is proud to announce the inaugural edition of 'pEtE maatu'- the inaugural short and documentary film festival from 17th to 19th December 2010 at the NGMA auditorium, Bengaluru.
City spaces grow, evolve, and respond to men and women differently. Six-lane roads, a sun-warmed bench in the park, unbroken footpaths, a well-lit bus stop, clean and fast transportation, safe passage home after dark – experiences and expectations are as varied as they come.
pEtE maatu aims to start conversations around the issue of gender in an urban context. The right to spaces that are safe, clean, aesthetic and people-friendly. An aspect of development which is often left out of the development goals and plans set for the city. This three-day event will deconstruct the everyday negotiations that women undertake with the city's spaces.
- The different kinds of negotiations women undertake in the city spaces.
- Women's right to mobility and safety.
- What makes a woman-safe city?
- What are the steps can be taken by citizens and policy makers to make our cities safe for women
pEtE maatu invites your short films, documentaries, photographs and articles on the theme of urban space that question, provoke and analyze the issues of gender and city. Impressions, expressions, lucidities, confusions, longings, maps and homes. The grand narratives of the teeming millions and yet, the silent walk down a lonely alley.
Entries to the Film Festival must include:
- DVD of the film- 2 copies (with English subtitles, if required) with a 30 second trailer of the film
- A completed and signed copy of the entry form  available for download here:
- Three high-resolution stills of the film (can be sent via email)
- A high-resolution photograph of the director (can be sent via email)
Promotional materials are welcome. There is no entry fee. All submitted films will be subject to a selection process by eminent members of the festival jury. Applicant must pay for shipment of films. Submitted films will not be returned but will be part of pEtE maatu library.
Last date for submissions: 25th November 2010
Bangalore Film Society
No.33/1-9, Thygaraja Layout
Jaibharath Nagar
M.S. Nagar P.O
Bangalore 560 033
Mobile: +91-80-9886213516 / 9916973759 / 9986170866

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