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Free Press Media Reform Daily: Open Internet Needed for All

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Media Reform Daily
News of the movement for November 15, 2010
Open Internet Needed for All

The Internet was born on openness, has flourished on openness and depends on openness to realize its full potential. And its potential is so great. This incredible technology intersects with just about every great challenge confronting our nation. But Americans' online freedom is at risk.

Michael J. Copps, Albuquerque Journal
New Mexico Latinos to Verizon: Air Has No Ownership

Lately, cell phone companies have been trying hard to convince us that we control the airwaves. T-Mobile recently asked, "What do you want from your wireless company?" Verizon says we can "rule the air" with their service. These ads ignore that the airwaves already belong to the public, and that we are losing -- not gaining -- control.

Joshua Breitbart, New America Foundation
Internet Access as the Next Civil Rights Battle?

The ongoing, often arcane, battle over whether telecom companies may slow certain online services and charge fees to speed up others has morphed into a civil rights controversy.

Christi Morales, New America Media
What Is Net Neutrality?

The Internet has become so much a part of the lives of most Americans that it is easy to imagine that it is immune to change -- that it will always remain the free and open medium that it is now. But there are no such guarantees.

American Civil Liberties Union
In the Grip of the New Monopolists

The Internet has long been held up as a model for what the free market is supposed to look like -- competition in its purest form. So why does it look increasingly like a Monopoly board?

Tim Wu, Wall Street Journal
Comcast NBC Deal Review Quickens

As Comcast's chief operating officer, Steve Burke, prepares to unveil his new management plan for NBC Universal, federal regulators have stepped up their reviews of the cable giant's deal to acquire control of the televison and movie company in hopes of concluding them by the end of the year.

Amy Schatz, Thomas Catan and Jessica E. Vascellaro, Wall Street Journal
Regulators Eye Internet, Program Conditions to Comcast-NBC Merger

Federal regulators have told Comcast and NBC Universal that they have significant concerns that a proposed merger will harm competition in the cable and satellite market and the nascent but fast-growing Internet TV industry.

Cecilia Kang, Washington Post
America's Broadband Opportunity

Rarely is there an opportunity to simultaneously catalyze private-sector investment, help create thousands of new jobs and increase much needed government revenue. The Department of Commerce's National Telecommunications and Information Administration will take the first step by announcing a plan to free up 115 MHz of wireless spectrum.

Gary Locke and Larry Summers, Wall Street Journal
Bobby Rush Wants to Lead Tech Panel

Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) is now seeking to lead Democrats on the top House panel that handles technology and telecom issues.

Tony Romm, Politico
Australia's $43 Billion Broadband Plan Faces Key Vote

Australia's controversial plan to introduce a $43 billion national high-speed Internet network faces a key test next week when debate will begin on laws designed to boost competition in the telecommunications market that will allow the scheme to go ahead.

Rachel Pannett, Dow Jones
Ted Koppel: Olbermann, O'Reilly and the Death of Real News

Broadcast news has been outflanked and will soon be overtaken by scores of other media options. The need for clear, objective reporting is probably greater than it has ever been. But we are no longer a national audience receiving news from a handful of trusted gatekeepers; we're now a million or more clusters of consumers, harvesting information from like-minded providers.

Ted Koppel, Washington Post
Newsweek Site to Shut Down

There apparently isn't room for two websites at the Newsweek Daily Beast Company. The new joint venture will kill off, even though its audience is larger than the Beast's.

Lucia Moses, MediaWeek
Tribune Creditors Seek Court OK to Go After $250M from Directors, Officers

Tribune Co. creditors asked a Delaware judge to let them try to recover millions of dollars awarded to insiders in the year prior to the media company's bankruptcy, saying they can do a better job than Tribune can.

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People everywhere have had enough of media that are corrupt, that fail to inform, and that stifle free speech. But here's the thing: If we change the media, we can change the world. Register for the 2011 National Conference for Media Reform today. It's time to take our media back.
In Other News...
NPR Hires Outside Firm to Investigate Williams Firing and Twitter facts

NPR announced that its board had hired an outside law firm to do an in-depth inquiry into what wrong with the Oct. 20 firing of Juan Williams, who also works for Fox News. NPR CEO Vivian Schiller said the review was "well-underway."

From AM Radio to Satellite TV: Seven Decades of FCC Regulation

It was 1926. Broadcast radio was all the rage. But most stations barely resembled the kind of outlets we listen to today. The majority were run by colleges, civic organizations and in some instances, labor unions. Only 4.3 percent could be classified as "commercial broadcasters." Less than a decade later, the situation had more than reversed itself. Why?

Ars Technica
Operators Are Sacrificing Bandwidth Hogs in the Name of Profits

Unfortunately, bandwidth hogs and the network congestion they allegedly cause is a red herring designed to distract users from the real motive behind wireless pricing changes: Profits.

Sorting Through the Government Data Explosion

In May 2009, the Obama administration started putting raw government data on the Web. It started with 47 data sets. Today, there are more than 270,000 government data sets, spanning every imaginable category from public health to foreign aid.

New York Times
Privacy Concerns Dog Location-Based Services

It sounds like a sweet deal: Report your location to a social network and get a coupon for discounts and prizes. The price? The possibility that advertisers and other third parties will know where you are and where you've been.

Carriers Have a Hunch There's Money in User Data

Wireless carriers, which have been sitting on a largely untouched goldmine of user data, may be poised to start tapping into their mother lode, according to a report.

Supercomputers Fuel Competition

China's installation of the world's fastest supercomputer is galvanizing efforts by U.S. government agencies and companies to restore American leadership in the technology, a key tool in such fields as climate research, product design and weapons development.

Wall Street Journal
New Report Highlights Barriers to Online Learning

Students must have reliable broadband access if they are to take advantage of 21st-century online education programs that can increase their access to educational opportunities, according to a new report.

eSchool News
As Studios Cut Back, Investors See Opening

With studios financing fewer movies, a wave of equity investors stepped up their presence in a Hollywood that suddenly made sense to hard-headed business types who were more accustomed to bottom-fishing in the real estate market or drilling for oil.

New York Times
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