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Free Press Media Reform Daily-- GOP to Force Vote on NPR Defunding

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Media Reform Daily
News of the movement for November 18, 2010
GOP to Force Vote on NPR Defunding

House Republicans announced that they plan to force a floor vote on defunding NPR in response to the firing of analyst Juan Williams last month.

Jordan Fabian, The Hill
A No-Brainer for Bipartisanship

The Local Community Radio Act has only an upside. Passing it would be a meaningful step toward bipartisanship at a time when our nation desperately needs to go beyond politics as usual to a place where we can all work together.

Michele Combs and Timothy Karr, The Hill
Community Radio Is Bipartisan -- Really

The 111th Congress only has a scant few days remaining before the doors shut and their legacy is complete. Seems like a good time to really get down to some of this "bipartisan" business that we've been hearing so much about. Here's an issue that has united Barack Obama, John McCain, Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders: Community radio.

Candace Clement, Free Press
Tiny Georgetown Radio Station Struggles to Be Heard

Historic Georgetown is retro-blogging. The more familiar name for that is radio. A tiny community radio station in the tiny Gold Country burg serves as a way for its local broadcasters to talk about constitutional issues or history or to share their favorite music. Like many blogs, however, KFOK-LPFM is not reaching a lot of people.

Carlos Alcala, Sacramento Bee
FCC Chief Genachowski on Net Neutrality: Trust Me

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski now finds himself caught between unfulfilled promises made to the tech community to keep the Internet open and a Republican Congress ready to portray any new rules on broadband ISPs as heavy-handed, economy-killing regulation. Genachowski said that the rules are coming.

Ryan Singel, Wired
FCC Still Pursuing 'All Options' on Net Neutrality

The FCC is still on track to address Net Neutrality, but the agency needs to "get the rules right," Chairman Julius Genachowski said.

Chloe Albanesius, PC Magazine
Net Neutrality Policy Discussions Were Slowed

Julius Genachowski, chairman of the FCC, said that he did not welcome a recent proposal by Google and Verizon about how to regulate Internet service. "I would have preferred if they didn't do exactly what they did, when they did," Genachowski said. "It slowed down some of the processes."

Verne G. Kopytoff, New York Times
Comcast Solved Net Neutrality While You Were at Lunch

Comcast solved the multi-year contentious Network Neutrality debate -- apparently while everyone was at lunch. According to a Comcast blog post, a "consensus has been reached" in the debate over Network Neutrality. When did this happen? It didn't.

Karl Bode, Broadband Reports
Sen. Rockefeller: News Media Has Surrendered to 'Forces of Entertainment'

The 24-hour news cycle has forced the media to embrace hype and rumor-mongering to the detriment of the public interest, according to Senate Commerce Committee Chairman Jay Rockefeller (D-W.Va.).

Gautham Nagesh, The Hill
Righthaven Says It Will Stop Suing over News Exerpts

Copyright troll Righthaven promised to narrow its lawsuit campaign in the face of a courtroom defeat, when a judge ruled that a real estate website made "fair use" of a newspaper article from the Las Vegas-Review Journal.

David Kravets, Wired
Washington Independent Signing Off

Nearly three years ago, the Washington Independent was launched as a bold experiment in online journalism. The idea was to combine hard-nosed investigative reporting with all the Web had to offer. The results were spectacular. But TWI was not just a journalistic experiment; it was also a financial one, and ultimately, the successes of the former couldn't sustain the strains of the latter.

Aaron Wiener, Washington Independent
AMI Officially Files for Chapter 11

Star magazine and National Enquirer publisher American Media officially filed its pre-packaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy plan in U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

Jason Fell, Folio
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People everywhere have had enough of media that are corrupt, that fail to inform, and that stifle free speech. But here's the thing: If we change the media, we can change the world. Register for the 2011 National Conference for Media Reform today. It's time to take our media back.
In Other News...
Put Your Organization in the Spotlight at NCMR 2011

Do you want to reach an audience of a couple thousand engaged, socially conscious folks? Here's an idea that's better than an airplane banner ad: Connect with people who'll be attending the 2011 National Conference for Media Reform .

Free Press
On Tech Issues, Obama Falls Short of High Expectations

He was the embodiment of the modern, high-tech president when he took office. However, halfway through President Barack Obama's first term, he has yet to deliver on much of his sweeping tech agenda, tempering the high expectations many in the industry had when he took office.

San Jose Mercury News
Lawmakers Scold Broadcasters, Cable Operators over Fee Battles

Members of a Senate panel scolded broadcasters and cable operators for waging fee battles that cut off consumers from popular television shows, but didn't map out a path toward taking any legislative action.

Wall Street Journal
Free Press Disses Personal Privacy Exemption for Corporations

Free Press has filed a friend of the court brief in a case that could determine how much information large companies, including media companies, have to make public.

Broadcasting & Cable
What a Do Not Track Option Might Look Like

How would a "Do Not Track" registry work? Not quite like the popular Do Not Call list its name implies, experts say. The latter is a phone list that's off limits to telemarketers. The former would be a tool on Internet browsers that designed to block third-party companies from collecting information on the Web sites a user visits.

Washington Post
Verizon Rethinks Pricing

Top executives at Verizon Communications are exploring ways to charge consumers based on the speed of their wireless data connection in addition to the amount of data they use.

Wall Street Journal
Cell Phone Carriers Try to Control Signal Boosters

In March, CTIA -- the Wireless Association, which represents cellular service providers, filed a complaint with the FCC demanding stricter regulation of signal boosters. The Commission is considering whether to let an estimated one million homeowners continue to use them.

New York Times
Diary of a Cable TV Cord Cutter: Day One

As the credits rolled over the DVR recording of the latest episode of HBO's "Boardwalk Empire" yesterday, I picked up the phone and dialed customer service at Verizon. "Yes, I'd like to modify my plan to remove the television portion and subscribe to the least-expensive Internet and phone bundle you have," I told the representative.

Cable Subs Down, Cord Cutting Minimal

Cable operators suffered their greatest three-month decline in TV subscribers in 30 years, according to one research firm. Still, there is no widespread evidence of cord-cuttng across the industry -- as both telcos and satellite operators picked up enough subscribers to mitigate an overall drop in those willing to pay for TV service.

Report Looks at How China Meddled with the Internet

An annual report to Congress touched off a round of speculation about the motives of a small Chinese Internet service provider that briefly rerouted as much as 15 percent of the world's Web traffic on two occasions last spring.

New York Times
India: Auction for Cellphone Bandwidth Was Rigged

An auction to provide cell phone services in India's booming market was rigged to favor a few companies, the government asserted. The comptroller and auditor general of India said that the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, arbitrarily moved up deadlines in a 2008 auction of new bandwidth for phone operators.

New York Times
Parents Group Says Hulu Hurting Kids

Online video services such as Hulu are failing to protect kids from explicit content, according to a new report from the watchdog Parents Television Council.

The Hill
Google Strikes Deal with French Publisher

Google said that it had reached a deal with the publisher Hachette Livre, which has broken ranks with its French rivals and agreed to allow Google to scan thousands of out-of-print books for its digital library project.

New York Times
Warner Bros. Says It Is Vigorously Investigating a Harry Potter Leak and Will Prosecute Those Involved

Warner Bros studio said it was working to remove a 36-minute Internet leak of the new "Harry Potter" film ahead of what industry experts said could be the biggest opening weekend box office yet for the major movie franchise.


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