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Brasscheck TV: TSA-- The great misdirection...

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From: Brasscheck TV <>
Date: Fri, Nov 19, 2010 at 4:48 AM
Subject: The great misdirection...
To: david <>


The TSA thing is pretty serious. It's also
a colossal distraction - and may well have
been designed to be so.

Here's why...

You can choose to fly or not.

I choose to NOT fly until sanity is restored
to US airports.

If it doesn't happen in my lifetime, so be it.

But it's kind of hard to live in an economy
that's been looted back to the stone age.

And that is what our friends on Wall Street
and the federal government have done - and
continue to do - to us on a scale that's
almost incomprehensible.

The level of wealth destruction is not immediately
obvious - yet.

Here's what the news media is not telling you
about the state of our banking system.

(When we're finished with the TSA, we must deal with
this, or it will enslave us worse than scanners and gropers.)


- Brasscheck

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