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as with this blog, the arts are investigated as a part of rather than apart from the historical, economic, political actualities of yesterday, today, & tomorrow
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Free Leonard Peltier

Free Leonard Peltier
The government under pretext of security and progress, liberated us from our land, resources, culture, dignity and future. They violated every treaty they ever made with us. I use the word “liberated” loosely and sarcastically, in the same vein that I view the use of the words “collateral damage” when they kill innocent men, women and children. They describe people defending their homelands as terrorists, savages and hostiles . . . My words reach out to the non-Indian: Look now before it is too late—see what is being done to others in your name and see what destruction you sanction when you say nothing. --Leonard Peltier, Annual Message January 2004 (Leonard Peltier is now serving 31st year as an internationally recognized Political Prisoner of the United States Government)

Injustice Continues: Leonard Peltier Again Denied Parole

# Injustice continues: Leonard Peltier denied parole‎ - By Mahtowin A wave of outrage swept the progressive community worldwide at the news that Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier was denied parole on Aug. ... Workers World - 2 related articles » US denies parole to American Indian activist Leonard Peltier‎ - AFP - 312 related articles » # Free Leonard Peltier 2009 PRISON WRITINGS...My Life Is My Sun Dance Leonard Peltier © 1999. # Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance - by Leonard Peltier, Harvey Arden - 2000 - Biography & Autobiography - 272 pages Edited by Harvey Arden, with an Introduction by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, and a Preface by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark. In 1977, Leonard Peltier... - # Leonard Peltier, American Indian Activist, Denied Parole And Won't ... Aug 21, 2009 ... BISMARCK, ND — American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, imprisoned since 1977 for the deaths of two FBI agents, has been denied parole ... - Cached - Similar - #

Gaza--War Crime: Collective Punishment of 1.5 Million Persons--Recognized as "The World's Largest Concentration Camp"

Number of Iraquis Killed Since USA 2003 Invasion began

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

US & International Personnel losses in Iraq &Afghanistan; Costs of the 2 Wars to US

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America's War On Iraq: 4,667

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 1,453


Cost of War in Iraq


Cost of War in Afghanistan

The cost in your community

flickr: DEATH FROM THIS WINDOW/DOORS OF GUANTANAMO--Essays, Links, Video-- US use of Torture

VISUAL POETRY/MAIL ART CALL Cracking World’s Walls & Codes Concrete & Virtual

Cracking World’s Walls & Codes Concrete & Virtual

No Sieges, Tortures, Starvation & Surveillance
Deadline/Fecha Limite: SinsLimite/ongoing
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David Baptiste Chirot
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Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!'

Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!'

The current 'Miss Universe' Dayana Mendoza (formerly Miss Venezuela) and 'Miss America' Crystal Stewart visited US troops stationed in Guantanamo Bay on March 20th, the New York Times reports. Here's Mendoza's account of the visit from her pageant blog last Friday. She says the trip "was a loooot of fun!"

This week, Guantánamo!!! It was an incredible experience...All the guys from the Army were amazing with us. We visited the Detainees camps and we saw the jails, where they shower, how the recreate themselves with movies, classes of art, books. It was very interesting. We took a ride with the Marines around the land to see the division of Gitmo and Cuba while they were informed us with a little bit of history.

The water in Guantánamo Bay is soooo beautiful! It was unbelievable, we were able to enjoy it for at least an hour. We went to the glass beach, and realized the name of it comes from the little pieces of broken glass from hundred of years ago. It is pretty to see all the colors shining with the sun. That day we met a beautiful lady named Rebeca who does wonders with the glasses from the beach. She creates jewelry with it and of course I bought a necklace from her that will remind me of Guantánamo Bay :)

I didn't want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful.

Saturday, November 07, 2009

Goldstone and Gaza By Jimmy Carter

Goldstone and Gaza
By Jimmy Carter
Knowing of the ability of Israeli forces, often using U.S. weapons, to strike targets with pinpoint accuracy, it was difficult to understand or explain the destruction of hospitals, schools, prisons, United Nations facilities, small factories and repair shops, agricultural processing plants and almost 40,000 homes.

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Call for Work: Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind

/Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind/, the physical embodiment of all that is, is now accepting submissions! It will include a CD (suitable for playing in a computer or traditional player), a DVD (suitable for playing in a computer or traditional player), and 400 pages of poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, reviews, interviews, and visual art, both in color and black-and-white.
Submissions will be open until March 31, 2010. We will endeavor to answer all mail by May 31. Publication is slated for August, 2010.

/Unlikely Stories of the Third Kind/ will /not/ be a periodical. I don't know if we'll ever attempt something like this again, but we sure as shit won't on this side of the Mayan calendar. So check out the guidelines at and get those submissions in, folks. It will truly be better than sex with Jesus.

And hey! Did you know that The First Annual WRITE REAL GOOD Poetry Chapbook Contest is still open? Check out

Happy thoughts and sad angry poems,
Jonathan Penton

The Poetics List is moderated & does not accept all posts. Check guidelines & sub/unsub info:

AMIRA HASS: On Israel's 'Domination and Its Intoxications'-- AMIRA HASS

On Israel's 'Domination and Its Intoxications'
AMIRA HASS | Accepting the International Women's Media Foundation lifetime achievement award, Amira Hass decries the "official language" that allows her fellow Israelis to avoid reality.

NSA: Fall of Berlin Wall Caused Anxiety More than Joy at Highest Levels

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: National Security Archive <>
Date: Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 6:46 AM
Subject: Fall of Berlin Wall Caused Anxiety More than Joy at Highest Levels

National Security Archive Update, November 7, 2009

Fall of Berlin Wall Caused Anxiety More than Joy at Highest Levels

Secret Documents Show Opposition to German Unification

For more information contact:
Svetlana Savranskaya/Thomas Blanton - 202/994-7000

Washington, DC, November 7, 2009 - The fall of the Berlin Wall 20 years ago generated major anxiety in capitals from Warsaw to Washington, to the point of outright opposition to the possibility of German unification, according to documents from Soviet, American and European secret files posted on the Web today by the National Security Archive.

Solidarity hero Lech Walesa told West German chancellor Helmut Kohl on the very day the Wall would fall that "events in the GDR [East Germany] are developing too quickly" and "at the wrong time," that the Wall could fall in a week or two (it would be a matter of hours) and then Kohl and the West would shift all their attention and aid to the GDR, leaving poor Poland "in the background." And indeed, Kohl cut short his visit to Warsaw and flew back to Germany as soon as the news arrived of the breach of the Wall.

British prime minister Margaret Thatcher earlier had told Soviet general secretary Mikhail Gorbachev that "Britain and Western Europe are not interested in the unification of Germany. The words written in the NATO communique may sound different, but disregard them." Top Gorbachev aide Anatoly Chernyaev concluded that Thatcher wanted to prevent unification "with our hands" and not her own.

For more information, visit the Archive Web site:


THE NATIONAL SECURITY ARCHIVE is an independent non-governmental research institute and library located at The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. The Archive collects and publishes declassified documents acquired through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). A tax-exempt public charity, the Archive receives no U.S. government funding; its budget is supported by publication royalties and donations from foundations and individuals.

Human Rights Watch: Afghans Deserve Change | Iran: Juveniles Sentenced to Death

Human Rights Angst Lingers in Afghanistan >>
Published in National Public Radio
Human Rights Watch

"I did not vote. The warlords win whoever I vote for," said a young Afghan man who saw his entire family gunned down when he was 11, during the civil war of the early 1990s. One woman decried Karzai's electoral pacts with warlords - in particular the notorious Gen. Dostum, whose men murdered her brother decades ago. "My brother has been eating dust in his grave for 30 years, and here's Dostum still acting like a king."

Rachel ReidAfghanistan's elections are drawing to a shambolic finale, and the change Afghans desperately want remains out of reach, writes Rachel Reid, Afghanistan specialist. "It is time for President Obama to end his policy review and breathe hope into Afghanistan's bleak landscape."

Read more about recommended US policy changes for Afghanistan

Iran: Revoke Death Sentences for Juvenile Offenders >>
Three Men Await Execution for Alleged Homosexual Conduct When Children

Three men accused in separate cases of committing homosexual acts when they were under age 18, have been sentenced to death by Iranian courts.

The courts sentenced all three to death despite lacking the evidence required to convict under Iran's shari'a-based criminal code. For example, in at least two cases there were no confessions, nor witnesses against the men. However, the code also allows judges to use their "knowledge" in determining guilt where no such evidence is available, a dangerously broad provision.

Putting minors – including those who committed their offence while they were a minor - to death violates international law. No date has been set for their execution, but the lawyer representing two of the men fears it could happen any day.

Iran leads the world in executing juvenile offenders. Read more....

More Headlines

President Barack Obama's announcement that national travel and immigration restrictions on people living with HIV will be removed should have positive consequences for public health. Other countries with similar restrictions should follow suit, as restrictions encourage bias and impede effective responses to HIV.
Read more

Published in the Wall Street Journal
Since taking office, President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton-both of whom mustered some criticism of China's rights record while they were candidates-have said that human rights shouldn't "interfere" with other issues in the U.S.-China relationship, knuckled preemptively under Chinese pressure not to meet the Dalai Lama, and generally behaved as if the United States has no power in the bilateral relationship.
Read more

UN Peacekeeping Force Knowingly Supports Abusive Military Operations
Congolese armed forces in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo have brutally killed hundreds of civilians and committed widespread rape in the past three months in a military operation backed by the United Nations.
Read more

Historic Verdict Sentences US Agents in Absentia
An Italian court's conviction of 23 agents of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) for kidnapping is an historic repudiation of the CIA's crimes.
Read more

Published in The Huffington Post
The US Congress gravely insulted hundreds of civilians who were wounded or killed in the most recent war in the Middle East by condemning the report of the UN Fact Finding Mission on the Gaza Conflict. Those who voted yea are helping to shield those responsible on both sides.
Read more

India is falling behind other countries in meeting international commitments to improve obstetric care because it does not adequately monitor deaths and injuries in the critical period following childbirth and fix gaps in its health system and programs.
Read more

Bahrain's Labor Ministry should hold employers who withhold wages and passports from migrant employees accountable. Both practices are illegal under Bahraini law, but authorities do little to enforce compliance.
Read more


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WUK: And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out

November 7, 2009

WUK - Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna

Ben Cain
All Gold Melts, 2009

And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out
/ 2nd chapter on stories and the 'immemorable' /

October 28 - November 20, 2009

WUK - Kunsthalle Exnergasse, Vienna

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Rosa Barba, Ann Böttcher, Ben Cain, Tina Gverovic, Sven Johne, Kristina Kvalvik, Anders Kreuger, Marko Tadic, Slaven Tolj, Judi Werthein

Curated by Antonia Majaca and Ivana Bago
@ Institute for Duration, Location and Variables (DeLVe)

The exhibition And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out is the second part of the trilogy that explores the relation between narrative structures and the notion of the 'immemorable' and which began with the exhibition Stalking with Stories: The Pioneers of the Immemorable at Apexart, New York, 2007. In the book Idea of Prose G. Agamben defines the 'immemorable' as that which 'skips from memory to memory without itself ever coming to mind [and which] is, properly speaking, the unforgettable.' This immemorable, or unforgettable, is an unconscious element that infiltrates the conscious memory and creates an involuntary memory.

In Michael Hanake's film Caché, the viewer finds himself in the midst of following a thriller story, a sort of an Agatha Christie plot, which develops around a quest for the mysterious sender of videotapes, disturbing the everyday life of what seems to be an ordinary French citizens and his family. The quest remains unsolved, the sender never identified, and the viewer's expectations are played out as she realizes that behind the surface of the plot, an entirely different drama had been taking place – the drama of colonization, dispossession, predetermined disposif of power relations and collective European guilt.

The exhibition And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out explores the relations between the uncanny and the immemorial through similar tensions resulting from points of ruptures between dominant and visible narratives, collective truths and that which is suppressed in order to keep them together; it enlights cracks in the surfaces, the moments of clash between the visible and the hidden, between the articulated and the silenced, but also between the possibility and impossibility of articulation. All works are ventures into story-telling and story-uncovering, ranging from micro-narratives to exploring the ways how these are intertwined with collective and national histories and geopolitical contingencies and how their voicing can disclose and subvert neocolonial imperatives of political domination, economic exploitation and cultural erasure. The exhibition creates a cartography of questioning the Western cultural values of truth and progress as well as the historical narrative manipulated by suppressed and unknown memories. For many works in the exhibition, the storytelling they develope is just a method of searching for the invisible, the unspoken; it encourages the viewer to detect what is below the surface. In this way, the uncanny and sudden confrontations with the inner spaces of trauma, both past and present, become obvious, simultaneously unveiling immemorial geographies and histories that have never entered the dominant narratives.

The exhibition is developed through the Institute for Duration, Location and Variables (DeLVe) and supported by The Ministry of Culture, Austria; City of Vienna, City of Zagreb, Foundry Ujevic

41 Essex street
New York, NY 10002, USA

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Darger and Tattoos: Learn More at Intuit

Intuit: The Center for Intuitive and Outsider Art

Intuit logo
Redmoon performer  A big THANK YOU to everyone who helped make our gala, Visionary Ball: Dreams & Nightmares, such a huge success! With your help, we were able to net over $50,000 in much needed funds for Intuit through ticket sales, a live auction and pledges to our Dream Tree. View photos of this amazing event on Intuit's Flickr page.

 The holidays are on their way. Be sure to visit Intuit's Gift Shop for unique gifts, but don't be left out in the cold. The following is our holiday schedule:
November 26 and 27
  Closing at 3pm:
December 23
  Closed: December 24, 25 and 26
  Closing at 3pm: December 31
  Closed: January 1

Presentation                                            November 12, 5:30pm

The Cellist of Sala Manque
Adolf Wölfli, 1911
Prinzhorn Collection, Heidelberg

WolfliOutsider Art Europe Tour

Intuit will host a tour of European outsider art sites March 14 - March 25, 2010, led by Randy M. Vick, Associate Professor of Art Therapy at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

The focus of our trip will be to visit the historic clinical psychiatry collections and museums as well as private collections, contemporary workshops for artists with disabilities, and artist environments. Join Intuit and Randy on November 12th for a free presentation to learn more about this custom made adventure.

Aesthetic Presentation                               November 14, 2-5pm

Henry Darger
Photo by
David Berglund
Henry DargerThe Life and Work
of Henry Darger

Presented in conjunction with The Chicago Circle of the Ecole Freudienne du Quebec, please join us for a unique opportunity to learn about this reclusive artist. After viewing the Henry Darger Room Collection, enjoy a presentation that will include a conversation with Kiyoko Lerner, caretaker of Darger's estate, and the screening of a new film on Henry Darger's life and work created by Mark Stokes.

This event is free
and open to the public.

Drag City Release Party                           November 19, 6:30pm

You are invitedOuled Bambara:
Portraits of Gnawa

  Join Drag City and Twos & Fews for a release party in celebration of Ouled Bambara: Portraits of Gnawa. This CD/DVD set profiles several master musicians of the centuries-old North African Sufi trance-healing order called the Gnawa, whose music, dance, and ritual practice synthesize West African animist traditions with mystical Islam. Recorded and filmed by documentarian Caitlin McNally in Marrakech in 2005, Ouled Bambara: Portraits of Gnawa features a 35-minute documentary film. Join us at Intuit to enjoy the film, the music and some relevant refreshments.

This event is free and open to the public.

December Movie Night                                    December 3, 6pm

Tattooed Lady by Tom Palazzolo

The Tattooed LadyBlack as Ink:
Three Tattoo Films

Join us for an evening of three short films related to tattoo history and culture: Stoney Knows How(1981), by Alan Govenar and Bruce "Pacho" Lane, 29 minutes; Tattooed Lady of Riverview by Tom Palazzolo, 14 minutes; and Fullsuit: A Portrait of Blu-Bak (1991), by Kapra Fleming.

After the films, there will be a Q&A session with filmmakers, Tom Palazzolo and Kapra Fleming. Kapra will also be sharing an additional short film on Blu-Bak.

$10 non-members
$5 Intuit members and students

Spotlight On: The Robert A. Roth Study Center

Study CenterThe newly added and fully stocked Robert A. Roth Study Center "Pamphlet File" holds a plethora of flyers, exhibition announcements, news clippings, small exhibition catalogs and press releases. It's a great resource for users interested in getting a historical sense of the time and place of the events for which they were produced, as well as for serious researchers hungry for rare, primary source materials.

Use our online catalog keyword search 'pamphlet file,' to see the artists, art organizations, fairs and subject headings we have files for, and then contact us to schedule an appointment online to come in and view them in person!

Save the Date!

November 6 - 8: Visit us at SOFA Chicago

December 3, 6pm:
Black as Ink - Three Tattoo Films 

December 4, 6-8pm: Annual Member Appreciation Reception
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Opens at Intuit February 12, 2010:
The Treasure of Ulysses Davis

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