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I have just begun a new blog/zine called
Chirot Zero Zine A Heap of Rubble--
Anarkeyology of hand eye ear notations
the blog is more exusively concerned than this one with presenting essays, reviews (inc. "bad reviews") , Visual Poetry, Sound Poetry, Event Scores, Manifestos, Manifotofestos, rantin' & raving, rock'roll, music all sorts--by myself and others--if you are interested in being a contributor, please feel free to contact me at
as with this blog, the arts are investigated as a part of rather than apart from the historical, economic, political actualities of yesterday, today, & tomorrow
as with al my blogs--
contributions in any language are welcome

Free Leonard Peltier

Free Leonard Peltier
The government under pretext of security and progress, liberated us from our land, resources, culture, dignity and future. They violated every treaty they ever made with us. I use the word “liberated” loosely and sarcastically, in the same vein that I view the use of the words “collateral damage” when they kill innocent men, women and children. They describe people defending their homelands as terrorists, savages and hostiles . . . My words reach out to the non-Indian: Look now before it is too late—see what is being done to others in your name and see what destruction you sanction when you say nothing. --Leonard Peltier, Annual Message January 2004 (Leonard Peltier is now serving 31st year as an internationally recognized Political Prisoner of the United States Government)

Injustice Continues: Leonard Peltier Again Denied Parole

# Injustice continues: Leonard Peltier denied parole‎ - By Mahtowin A wave of outrage swept the progressive community worldwide at the news that Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier was denied parole on Aug. ... Workers World - 2 related articles » US denies parole to American Indian activist Leonard Peltier‎ - AFP - 312 related articles » # Free Leonard Peltier 2009 PRISON WRITINGS...My Life Is My Sun Dance Leonard Peltier © 1999. # Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance - by Leonard Peltier, Harvey Arden - 2000 - Biography & Autobiography - 272 pages Edited by Harvey Arden, with an Introduction by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, and a Preface by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark. In 1977, Leonard Peltier... - # Leonard Peltier, American Indian Activist, Denied Parole And Won't ... Aug 21, 2009 ... BISMARCK, ND — American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, imprisoned since 1977 for the deaths of two FBI agents, has been denied parole ... - Cached - Similar - #

Gaza--War Crime: Collective Punishment of 1.5 Million Persons--Recognized as "The World's Largest Concentration Camp"

Number of Iraquis Killed Since USA 2003 Invasion began

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

US & International Personnel losses in Iraq &Afghanistan; Costs of the 2 Wars to US

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America's War On Iraq: 4,667

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 1,453


Cost of War in Iraq


Cost of War in Afghanistan

The cost in your community

flickr: DEATH FROM THIS WINDOW/DOORS OF GUANTANAMO--Essays, Links, Video-- US use of Torture

VISUAL POETRY/MAIL ART CALL Cracking World’s Walls & Codes Concrete & Virtual

Cracking World’s Walls & Codes Concrete & Virtual

No Sieges, Tortures, Starvation & Surveillance
Deadline/Fecha Limite: SinsLimite/ongoing
Size: No limit/Sin Limite
No Limit on Number of Works sent
No Limit on Number of Times New Works Are Sent
Documentation: on my blog
David Baptiste Chirot
740 N 29 #108
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!'

Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!'

The current 'Miss Universe' Dayana Mendoza (formerly Miss Venezuela) and 'Miss America' Crystal Stewart visited US troops stationed in Guantanamo Bay on March 20th, the New York Times reports. Here's Mendoza's account of the visit from her pageant blog last Friday. She says the trip "was a loooot of fun!"

This week, Guantánamo!!! It was an incredible experience...All the guys from the Army were amazing with us. We visited the Detainees camps and we saw the jails, where they shower, how the recreate themselves with movies, classes of art, books. It was very interesting. We took a ride with the Marines around the land to see the division of Gitmo and Cuba while they were informed us with a little bit of history.

The water in Guantánamo Bay is soooo beautiful! It was unbelievable, we were able to enjoy it for at least an hour. We went to the glass beach, and realized the name of it comes from the little pieces of broken glass from hundred of years ago. It is pretty to see all the colors shining with the sun. That day we met a beautiful lady named Rebeca who does wonders with the glasses from the beach. She creates jewelry with it and of course I bought a necklace from her that will remind me of Guantánamo Bay :)

I didn't want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful.

Saturday, September 05, 2009







Event:                Free International Artists


Curator:             Milena Koren Božiček

Coordinators:      Elica Bele, Cvetka Hojnik

Luogo:                 Mozirski gaj - park cvetja - Mozirje Slovenia

Data:                    12.09.2009 ore 15,30

Organizzation: Free International Artists - Mozirski gaj

Info:            -

                            Ph: +39.3476249322          Fax: +39.0812144713 


                           Ph: (03) 5832 719 – (041) 691 939 - (041) 691 938 – Fax(03) 5832 603


On the international event "Rags in the Wind III", organized by the Free International Artists and society Mozirski gaj, taking place on Saturday September 12th, 2009 at 15.30 at Mozirski gaj - Park Cvetje - Mozirje - in Slovenia, Enzo Marino will hold the performance titled: "ENZO MARINO scolpisce l'aria" / "ENZO MARINO carves the air".
He will work in the evocative atmosphere of the Flowers Park in the presence of Slovenian authorities, leading European growers, critics, international artists and a selected audience of lovers of both flower plants and art. Enzo Marino offers a new, original, extreme and poetically dreamy art performance. In a moment of magic, he will "carve" the air and the surrounding atmosphere as well as the fantastic untouchable ether. He will realize the elusive inconsistency of visions. He will materialize the impossible dream of the artist: sculpting the incredible. The artist will be donating the visitors some of his  airy and bubbly art."


In occasione dell'evento internazionale "Rags in the wind III" organizzato dai Free International Artists e dalla società Mozirski gaj, sabato 12 settembre 2009 alle ore 15,30. a Mozirski gaj  - park cvetja - Mozirje - in Slovenia, Enzo Marino terrà la performance: "ENZO MARINO  CARVES THE AIR"/"ENZO MARINO SCOLPISCE L'ARIA".

Nella suggestiva atmosfera del parco dei fiori alla presenza delle autorità slovene, dei maggiori floricoltori  d'Europa, di critici e artisti internazionali e di un pubblico scelto amante della flora e dell'arte Enzo Marino offre una nuova e originale performance d'arte estrema sognante poetica. Egli, in un momento di magia, scolpirà l'aria, l'atmosfera che ci circonda, l'etere fantastico e vagheggiante. Realizzerà l'inafferrabile inconsistenza delle visioni. Concretizzerà il sogno impossibile dell'artista: scolpire l'incredibile. L'artista donerà ai fruitori bolle della sua aria/arte.


 (editing by Free International Artists)



Free International Artists
"Rags in Wind III" Mozirski gaj - park cvetja â€" Mozirje Slovenia 2009 -"Homenaje a Fernando Santi"  Honorable Concejo  Municipal de Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz  Argentina 2009 - "Transiti Nomadi" Museo d'arte Contemporanea di San Cesario Italia 2009 - "Spirito Olimpico Italiano" Beijing 2008 China - Garibaldi..." - 2008 - Bergamo Italia/ Montevideo Uruguay- "Fetzen im Wind II" 2007- Botanischer Garten - Universität von Graz - Österreich


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Fwd: Film and Video Umbrella with A Foundation and 198 present: Suki Chan - Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk

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From: e-Flux <>

September 5, 2009

Film and Video Umbrella with
A Foundation, London and 198

Suki Chan
Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk

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Film and Video Umbrella
with A Foundation, London and 198 present:

Suki Chan - Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk

A Foundation, London
10 - 12 Sept 2009, 7.30-9pm

198, London
14 Sept - 19 Oct 2009

A Free to Air project

In a London of fast-blinking lights and speeding commuters, cars and trains leave luminous comet-trails marking their passage through the night, and individuals reflect on freedom in the urban metropolis, or seek escape from the repetitive habits and conditions it enforces.

Presented as an outdoor projection at A Foundation (10-12 September, 7.30-9pm) and as a twin-screen installation at 198 Contemporary Arts & Learning (14 September – 19 October) artist Suki Chan's work is inspired by ideas of freedom of expression. In an impressionistic and lyrical study of London's diverse population, Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk contrasts the movements of people on their way to and from work with their individual efforts to enjoy free time, and to create their own personal and psychological space outside the architectural restrictions and behavioural patterns imposed by life in the city.

Chan's work weaves together a series of video portraits highlighting revealing responses to the mania of London life. Groups of skaters, unimpeded by traffic, move freely and intuitively, mapping the twilight city. Nigerian security guards gatekeeping a deserted high-rise office block compare the 'freedom' of London with the rhythms and aspirations of their former lives. Artists and writers in the Graffiti Tunnel in Waterloo ruminate on the freedom they now have to create their art legally; city commuters portray the mundane, monotonous regularity of everyday existence… and architects, urban planners, economists and news journalists reflect on their real and abstract constructs of the city.

In Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk, Chan finds freedom in the marginal flashpoints of the city and in the internal psychological spaces of the conscious and sub-conscious where solace is sought. She mediates between public and private, investigating the underlying social, cultural and political structures. The work moves subliminally between a sleepwalker's hazy drift through the drudgery of daily city life to a sleeptalker's blurted expression of unconscious, pent-up frustration; from weary travellers dozing on buses to the deliberate act of self-retreat into meditation.

Using time-lapse photography, Chan captures the nuances at play in a city between the solid mass of its architecture and the fleeting movements of its urban inhabitants and the transportation system that revolves around them. She brings a scientific perception as much to her dispassionate views of the distant cityscapes as to her minute probings of human intimacies, facial expressions, gestures and reflexes.

Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk draws on Chan's interest in how urban spaces get planned and her experiences of Hong Kong and Shanghai and the Westernization of the towns and villages on their periphery. Her practice combines light, moving image, electronics and sound within mixed-media installations to explore physical and psychological experiences of space through simple, repetitive and sometimes painstaking processes, abstracting familiar materials and objects, to create imaginary and uncanny narratives.

Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk is the first project of FREE TO AIR, a major new four-year programme by Film & Video Umbrella for London Councils. Taking as its starting point Roosevelt's famous 'four freedoms' – freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom from want and freedom from fear – Free to Air invites four artists over four years who are living and working in London to create a work exploring the multiple meanings of 'freedom' in contemporary society. Free to Air is funded by London Councils and is presented in collaboration with A Foundation and 198 Gallery, London. Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk is accompanied by a series of screenings, workshops and events including Figures of Speech, a series of ten experimental and documentary films exploring how artists have used voice to examine race, gender, class and sexual relations.

For full programme details visit

For interviews, images or further information please contact Janette Scott on 07966 486156 or or Hannah Barnes at or 020 7407 7755.

A Foundation

Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London E2 7ES
020 7729 8275 /
Opening Hours / Projection: 7.30 – 9.30pm (Free entry)
Nearest tube: Old Street

198 Contemporary Arts & Learning
198 Railton Rd, London SE24
020 7978 8309 /
Opening Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11am – 5pm
and Sunday 18 October, 11am – 5pm (Free entry)
Nearest tube: Herne Hill / Brixton

Sleep Walk, Sleep Talk is commissioned and presented in collaboration with A Foundation, London and 198 Contemporary Arts and Learning, and is funded as part of Free to Air by London Councils. Film and Video Umbrella is funded by Arts Council England.

Free to Air is a Film and Video Umbrella project.

Film and Video Umbrella commissions, curates, produces and presents film, video and other moving-image works by artists from across the world.

41 Essex street
New York, NY 10002, USA

Contact us

Noam Chomsky: Crisis and Hope Theirs and ours

Crisis and Hope
Theirs and ours
By Noam Chomsky
Bailing out banks is not uppermost in the minds of the billion people now facing starvation.

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At Least 90 Killed In US Attack Stench of Death Hangs over Afghan Riverbank By Ameen Salarzai and Angor Bagh

At Least 90 Killed In US Attack
Stench of Death Hangs over Afghan Riverbank
By Ameen Salarzai and Angor Bagh
The stench of burnt flesh hung over the banks of the Kunduz river in the early hours of Friday, the ground scattered with the body parts of villagers who just wanted something for free.

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Mexico: Novedades en Artes e Historia No. 391

Semanario Cultural

Dualidad y Transformación:
Entrevista con Sandra Pani
red de la imagen, 2009
Mundos Posibles

Antropología e Historia

La Secretaría de Cultura recuerda a Leona Vicario, figura de la Independencia

Hallan historiadores paralelismos entre Abraham Lincoln y Benito Juárez

Hallan restos arqueológicos en El Tazumal

Confirman presencia de tuberculosis pulmonar y vertebral en el México prehispánico

Con más de mil 500 participantes, concluye el Tercer Encuentro de Archivos del Distrito Federal

Quita SEP estudio de la Conquista y la Colonia de los libros gratuitos

Crean laboratorio para descifrar escritura zapoteca

Convoca el FCE a reflexionar acerca del futuro del libro

BID lanza Concurso Regional de Cuento

El legado de Vasconcelos como educador, guía para los titulares de Educación Pública

La Biblioteca Vasconcelos prestará a domicilio la colección de documentales

Continúa la exposición gráfica Arte Contemporáneo Zapoteco en Radio Educación

Pide Eugenio Echeverría un graffiti más crítico y menos evasivo

Ñundeui, Al pie del cielo, verdadera obra de arte que es a la vez, un poema visual y una memoria histórica

El festival Fotoseptiembre llega renovado a su edición 2009

Exhibirá 18 películas el ciclo Maestros del Cine Japonés en la Cineteca Nacional

Inició el Octavo Festival de Horror en Cine y Video Macabro 2009 en la Cineteca Nacional

Arranca la Segunda Conferencia Mundial de Cineclubismo

Regresa a los escenarios ¿Y ahora qué?, pieza dancística contemporánea emblemática de los ochenta

Un viaje teatral entre el tiempo y espacio mexicano en Nezahualcóyotl. Ecuación escénica de memoria y tiempos

Papá está en la Atlántida, una reflexión sobre el sentido de pertenencia y la identidad en el seno familiar
reseñas Museos

Thomas Glassford, un innovador de la estética

Actualización del Museo de Guadalajara rumbo a su primer siglo

Cumple 22 años del Museo de Numismática del Estado de México

Bellas Artes recibe obras de El Greco

Llega la exposición retrospectiva de Fanny Rabel al Salón de la Plástica Mexicana

Cuerpos desdoblados invita a explorar la relación del ser humano con las sensaciones y emociones
reseñas Música

¡Ah que la canción!, intento por llevar música popular a las aulas de educación básica

Fernando de la Mora cantará en fiesta mexicana de OFUNAM

Hay un auge de creatividad en las bandas independientes: Atto Attie

Editan en dos discos lo mejor del Festival Dr. Alfonso Ortiz Tirado

BLOGS Artes e Historia México

Entradas recientes

Christian Poveda y La vida loca

Fotógrafo editor/editor fotógrafo, ¿liberación tecnológica o liberación de las estructuras de poder?

Antony Gormley: el espacio, el negro y su obra gráfica

De regreso a los básicos (II), ¿la masa alienante o el individuo solitario?

Graciela Iturbide. Un viaje al centro de sí misma

Nuestra princesa Alice, nuestra Andrómeda

De broncas con las autoridades culturales y sorpresas desde el archivo



Cartelera INBA

De la Academia al Escenario: "Ubu Rey"
Teatro Julio Jiménez Rueda
del jueves 27 de agosto al domingo 6 de septiembre

El enviado de Cthulhu
Teatro El Granero, Xavier Rojas
del viernes 17 de julio al domingo 20 de septiembre

Las alas del pez
Sala Xavier Villaurrutia
del jueves 16 de julio al domingo 6 de septiembre

XIII Festival Patria Grande: Ballet folklórico Mexiquense
Teatro de la Danza
lunes 7 de septiembre

XIII Festival Patria Grande: Ballet Folklórico de México
Teatro de la Danza
domingo 6 de septiembre

Ballet Moderno de México. Las Bestias
Teatro de la Danza
del jueves 3 de septiembre al sábado 5 de septiembre

Norteamericanos sin grupo. Revisión de autores norteamericanos del sigloXX
Centro de Lectura Condesa
del sábado 18 de julio al sábado 24 de octubre

Seminario de Alfonso Reyes
Capilla Alfonsina
del miércoles 4 de febrero al jueves 31 de diciembre

Taller de creación literaria (poesía y narrativa)
Capilla Alfonsina
del miércoles 4 de febrero al jueves 31 de diciembre

Música y Ópera
Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional / Concierto 21 ¡Viva Mexico!
Teatro Hidalgo "Ignacio Retes"
del viernes 18 de septiembre al domingo 20 de septiembre

Conciertos Extraordinarios
Museo Nacional de Arte
sábado 12 de septiembre

Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional / Concierto 20
Teatro Hidalgo "Ignacio Retes"
del viernes 11 de septiembre al domingo 13 de septiembre

Artes Visuales
Actividades paralelas del XI Festival Internacional Música y Escena: Jardínes Sonoros
Laboratorio Arte Alameda
del viernes 4 de septiembre al sábado 5 de septiembre

Tamara de Lempicka
Palacio de Bellas Artes
del domingo 2 de agosto al domingo 6 de septiembre

Taller de escultura
Centro Cultural Ignacio Ramírez, El Nigromante
del viernes 31 de julio al domingo 6 de septiembre

3103. Vaso rojo con búho
Vaso en el que apreciamos la combinación del esgrafiado en..
Precio: Vea el vínculo

3148. Guerrero de Jaina
Esta figurilla masculina representa, quizá a un guerrero,..
Precio: Vea el vínculo

2004. Brazalete de paredes cóncavas
Curioso brazalete recortado de conchas, de manera que las..
Precio: Vea el vínculo

3159. Perro con ruedas
El perro se representó con suma sencillez y sus formas le..
Precio: Vea el vínculo

Cultura UDG

CICLO: dos cineastas a conocer Pedro Costa y Nobuhiro Suwa
del 30 de agosto al 10 de septiembre, 16:00, 18:00 y 20:00 hrs., Cineforo Universidad

13 tour de cine frances
del 25 de septiembre al 8 de octubre, 16:00, 18:00 y 20:00 hrs., Cineforo Universidad

Divercine 2009
festival internacional de cine para niños, 21 al 27 de septiembre, 11:00 y 13:00 hrs., Teatro Guadalajara del IMSS

EFÍMERA de Alfonsina Riosantos
danza experimental, jueves y viernes, 20:30 hrs, todo el mes de septiembre, Teatro Guadalajara del IMSS, El muro, danza contemporánea, dir. Rafael Carlin, jueves, 20:30 hrs., todo el mes de octubre, Teatro Experimental de Jalisco, Ballet del teatro nacional de Belgrado, presenta Queen Margot, viernes 2 y sábado 3 de octubre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Diana

Ballet Folclórico de la U. de G.
domingos 18 y 25 de octubre, 9:30 hrs., Teatro Degollado

Sólo las estrellas
con los bailarines pincipales del Balletisimo, jueves 29 de octubre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Diana,  , Especiales, Talleres universitarios de danza contemporánea, Gineceo, Dirección: Patricia Aguirre en Casa de la Danza, correo:, .

exposición fotográfíca de, Fernando y Gerardo Montiel Klint, viernes 11 de septiembre, 20:30 hrs., Galería Jorge Martínez

Radaid en Los Ángeles
miércoles 9 de septiembre, Levitt Pavilion, 19:30 hrs.,

invitados especiales Maritzio -, Acordeón, Giovanna Piazza -, Voz, jueves 10 de septiembre, 20:30 hrs., estudio Diana

Niños cantores de Viena y la Filarmónica de Jalisco
viernes 11 de septiembre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Diana

no more stories, banda invitada L·Aurore, viernes 11 de septiembre, 20:00 hrs., Teatro Estudio Cavaret

Lila Downs
concierto Black magic woman, viernes 18 de septiembre, 21:00 hrs., Teatro Diana

Amor POP
un nuevo musical, miércoles 23 y jueves 24 de, septiembre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Diana

Mtro. David Mozqueda
obras para guitarra y flauta con guitarra, Mtra. Nury Ulate -, flauta transversal, jueves 24 de septiembre, 20:30 hrs., Paraninfo Enrique Díaz de León

Queen sinfónico y coral
el grupo de rock Quinteto Britania con la orquesta sinfónica juvenil del Edo. de Veracruz, coro Alpha del instituto politécnico nacional, ., sábado 26 de septiembre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Diana

Los Dorados
grupo invitado: Vico Díaz Quinteto, miércoles 30 de septiembre, 21:30 hrs., Teatro Experimental de Jalisco

Orquesta de Cámara Blas Galindo
Director: Guillermo Salvador, miércoles 30 de septiembre, 20:30 hrs., miércoles 21 de octubre, 20:30 hrs., miércoles 25 de noviembre, 20:30 hrs., Paraninfo Enrique Díaz de León

Femi Kuti
músico de Nigeria, miércoles 21, de octubre, 21:00 hrs., Teatro Diana

Recital de Arpa
Baltazar Juárez -, arpa, jueves 29 de octubre, 20:30 hrs., Paraninfo Enrique Díaz de León, Concierto de sitar, tabla y tampura, Holving Argaez, jueves 5 de noviembre, 20:30 hrs., Paraninfo Enrique Díaz de León, Sketches from Evans Davis, Porgy and bees, Gil Cervantes Jazz Orchestra, miércoles 18 de noviembre, 21:00 hrs., Teatro Diana, Especiales, visita la página web de Música en:,, Taller de voz Ofelia Medina, del 20 al 24 de septiembre, informes e inscripciones con:,, o al 30 44 40 50, 28, 19.

Ángel de mi guarda
Dir. Daniel Patiño, sábados, 20:30 hrs. y domingos, 18:00 hrs., todo el mes de septiembre, estudio Diana

Les cabaret capricho, sábados, 18:00 y domingos, 13:00 hrs., todo el mes de septiembre, Teatro Guadalajara del IMSS, Las aventuras del Barón de Munchhausen, clausura del 5to. Festival, Internacional de Títeres, domingo 6 de septiembre, 12:00 y 17:00 hrs., Teatro Diana

Mexican rainbow
espectáculo de cabaret, Dir. Hernán del Riego, y Circee Rangel, del 11 al 27 de septiembre, viernes y sábados, 21:00 hrs. y los, domingos, 19:00 hrs., Teatro Experimental de Jalisco

Amor POP
un nuevo musical, miércoles 23 y jueves 24, de septiembre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Diana

Intimamente Rosario de Chiapas
teatro, miércoles 23 y jueves 24 de, septiembre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Experimental

Ballet del teatro nacional de Belgrado
presenta Queen Margot, viernes 2 y sábado 3 de octubre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Diana

Dir. Przeme Prasnowski (Polonia), del 9 al 18 de octubre, viernes y sábados, 20:30 hrs. y los, domingos, 18:00 hrs., Teatro Experimental de Jalisco, Silencio, Bodecker & Neander, un homenaje a Marcel Marceau, viernes 28 de octubre, 20:30 hrs., Teatro Diana

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