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Free Leonard Peltier

Free Leonard Peltier
The government under pretext of security and progress, liberated us from our land, resources, culture, dignity and future. They violated every treaty they ever made with us. I use the word “liberated” loosely and sarcastically, in the same vein that I view the use of the words “collateral damage” when they kill innocent men, women and children. They describe people defending their homelands as terrorists, savages and hostiles . . . My words reach out to the non-Indian: Look now before it is too late—see what is being done to others in your name and see what destruction you sanction when you say nothing. --Leonard Peltier, Annual Message January 2004 (Leonard Peltier is now serving 31st year as an internationally recognized Political Prisoner of the United States Government)

Injustice Continues: Leonard Peltier Again Denied Parole

# Injustice continues: Leonard Peltier denied parole‎ - By Mahtowin A wave of outrage swept the progressive community worldwide at the news that Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier was denied parole on Aug. ... Workers World - 2 related articles » US denies parole to American Indian activist Leonard Peltier‎ - AFP - 312 related articles » # Free Leonard Peltier 2009 PRISON WRITINGS...My Life Is My Sun Dance Leonard Peltier © 1999. # Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance - by Leonard Peltier, Harvey Arden - 2000 - Biography & Autobiography - 272 pages Edited by Harvey Arden, with an Introduction by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, and a Preface by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark. In 1977, Leonard Peltier... - # Leonard Peltier, American Indian Activist, Denied Parole And Won't ... Aug 21, 2009 ... BISMARCK, ND — American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, imprisoned since 1977 for the deaths of two FBI agents, has been denied parole ... - Cached - Similar - #

Gaza--War Crime: Collective Punishment of 1.5 Million Persons--Recognized as "The World's Largest Concentration Camp"

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US & International Personnel losses in Iraq &Afghanistan; Costs of the 2 Wars to US

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America's War On Iraq: 4,667

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 1,453


Cost of War in Iraq


Cost of War in Afghanistan

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Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!'

Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!'

The current 'Miss Universe' Dayana Mendoza (formerly Miss Venezuela) and 'Miss America' Crystal Stewart visited US troops stationed in Guantanamo Bay on March 20th, the New York Times reports. Here's Mendoza's account of the visit from her pageant blog last Friday. She says the trip "was a loooot of fun!"

This week, Guantánamo!!! It was an incredible experience...All the guys from the Army were amazing with us. We visited the Detainees camps and we saw the jails, where they shower, how the recreate themselves with movies, classes of art, books. It was very interesting. We took a ride with the Marines around the land to see the division of Gitmo and Cuba while they were informed us with a little bit of history.

The water in Guantánamo Bay is soooo beautiful! It was unbelievable, we were able to enjoy it for at least an hour. We went to the glass beach, and realized the name of it comes from the little pieces of broken glass from hundred of years ago. It is pretty to see all the colors shining with the sun. That day we met a beautiful lady named Rebeca who does wonders with the glasses from the beach. She creates jewelry with it and of course I bought a necklace from her that will remind me of Guantánamo Bay :)

I didn't want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Fear of Poetry/Poetry of Fear --Palfest 2009 & "The Attack of the Difficult Poems"--Part One--

To Confront the Culture of Power with the Power of Culture--
class="gmail_quote">Edward Said,  quoted at Palfest09 after it became, thanks tothe Army and Ploice
literaly and literally true--

I sent earlier this week a piece re Fear of Poetry, Poetry of Fear and Poetry FOR Fear--and Fear FOR Poetry--
as "fear of poetry " was at the origin of the long discussion that is most recently re what to do abt about lists/discussions--(this is initially written as a response sent t the buffalo poetics list--

I don't know if anyone else has been following it, but from 23 May  to 28 has been the 2nd "Palfest"--Palestinian Festival of Literature.

The festival is actually a touring one, beginning in Jerusalem and traveling to several different towns and communities before returning to Jerusalem for the Closing Night Events.

Jerusalem was chosen because this year it is the rotating Arab Capital of Culture.  Every year the Capital is in a different City and country--

Opening Night was set upon by Police and IOF soldiers; the French consulate volunteered their cultural spaces--so to  speak- for the night and the Festival proceeded without a hitch.

The final night--last night--the same  thing occurred--the Army and some police appeared, a paper was nailed to a door--and the planned Theater site was made a Forbidden Zone.

This time the British Consulate stepped in and provided the site for the Events.

I've been posting a steady stream of the videos the Palfest Photo stream,  and also  many International reports on the events. (Ha'arretz has a lot  f l inks at its site--and very good coverage--most of the reports  i have  found so far are Israeli and from various Arabic networks.  (The only language i checked in so far is English--now on to more--)

The only mention so far found in the USA media  is a tiny note today from USA today.

Also haven been posting readings , interviews, articles, reviews of several  contemporary Palestinian and Palestinian-American writers and performers and as ever music videos also.Esp of one of my favorite bands, Checkpoint 303--one of the most interesting and original electronic/sampling, unplugged acoustic, uses of recorded documentary sounds in streets and from literally old documentaries. bands around in their uses of sounds, mixes, ,live recordings and  techno and "natural" instruments--across three countries and two continents--

Perhaps the "Fear of Poetry" is too evident in the attempted closing downs to be considered an "interesting enough" form of fear these days?

On the other hand there is the Fear of reporting about these events  and also,of discussing them,--in terms of the discussion here--to really discuss, rather than censoring or attacking-- because this is "not really to do with poetry."  does that mean that it really cant be discussed at al in such a relation?

or is that simply "yet another reason to rid oneself and language of the troubling obstacles to the purity of the language the tribe--"

 Or simply in the case of the "conflict," only one side is really permissible to think of  and act on in the US.

This fear is the one impressed on one in a culture and society which has developed a powerful denial of events in favor of words, and in this way interiorized self censorship regarding many issues, among them quite prominently the Israeli-Palestinian "conflict."

To be rid of conflict  means that there remain now " no opposing sides"--no contradictory language
it  is won

Of course it is not a fear or closing down only on the account of Poetry, but oon account and due to  al aspects of a culture and people, because any acknowledgement of them is taken to be a criticism of the other side, when it may not be anything other than a simple statement of fact.

Which is the most feared of all, these facts, because they do not agree with the discourse which has been created for these situations.

In order to keep hidden the US and its Black President supporting an Apartheid Regime, the word "Apartheid" as much as possible must be attacked if mentioned, and the person--as Jimmy Carter found out--writing or saying the word is attacked personally, morally, aesthetically, in every way possible, so as to give an object lessons in what happens unless the repellent word is expunged not only form language, but from thought itself.

This is basically the project that Orwell outlines in 1984 and its appendices on the development of Newspeak.

The reduction of the lexicon that is permissible and remains in use though every day shrinking a bit, by bit----this reduction of vocabulary creates also a reduction in thinking, and especially thinking of any "critical" kind.  Instead, one is trained to dutifully be unquestioning in the acceptance of whatever one is told, even if yesterday one was expected to believe the exact opposite.
This "forgetting" via unquestioning belief erases memory also, so another critical faculty is expunged.

Over the last couple years--and in this discussion, pronounced by Amy, the term "dumbing down" has become something that is being contended with in re poetics and poetry.

Apparently the "dumbing down' is considered a natural casualty of adjustment to quite different times etc, and different technologies, and, ironically, "difficult poetries."

(Perhaps the "dumbing down" makes the "difficult poems" much more prevalent and easier to not only create but also  constructing itself as a discourse  that does not even permit the thought that it is making itself ever more less capable  of understanding the "difficult poem," which in itself is being turned into ever more gibberish, as no one really notices--and al that matter is that the "difficult poem" be preserved against the "attack of the dumbed down readers."

Now why would an intellectual or a poet, as I read Charles Bernstein also speaking of "dumbing down" being something that the was accused of-and didn't seem to find so bad--, why wd a poet want to speak so casually of the fact that one must accept the dumbing down,  as what one "gains from it," is at least for the nonce, more important.

Perhaps for the simple reason of taking advantage a situation in order to be advantaged by it and so --making it the only existing "alternative"--

That is, the "dumbing down" of others makes ever more "evident" the difficulty of the poet's "difficult poems."  Both the dumbed down and the poets themselves will see very clearly  that the difficulty of difficult poems is a matter of a simple and natural occurrence,and fate, of some persons being less dumbed down than other, making them the ones capable of making and understanding the difficult poems so difficult that the vast run of humans may wel not arise to the levels of thought required to "understand" or "process" the difficult poem

The debates over the lack of "critical, satiric or negative reviews of books of poetry," are in  a sense a barking up the wrong tree.

For if only those capable of reading difficult poetry  are reading writing and reviewing it, how wds any one out side the circles of of difficult poets ever even know  care or be interested if what they are reviewing is good bad or ugly--

The problem is, that after a certain point, the dumbing dow and expunging and erasing of vocabularies, meanings, references, allusions, creates the impossibility of the mind to recover  or reverse engineer what it was was dumbed down from.

Dumbing down, considered as a process of effects and aims on the "mental state and well being of individuals," iis not unlike the "we had to destroy the village to save it," deformation of thoughts and words that the Vietnam War-and every War-produces.

The "fear of poetry" often discussed on this list as in a certain way at times being seen as a "positive sign of its difficulty"--is taken to be a fear of "poetic language" rather than perhaps motivated by class differences, cultural differences, political imperatives or simply that the elite practitioners need to feel that they are in possession of something"too difficult" for the great unwashed to grasp.

Indeed, "difficult poetry" is felt to be its own sure sure guarantee of one's elite status in comparison to those weak and hopeless dullards who are the bards of al other poetries--

I wrote previously of many different reasons that a person might fear not poetry, but simply being asked questions that are being "noted down" and counted observed, polled and --what then--by these nosy and snooping individuals from perhaps a secret undercover govt agency?--

This age of Security ,wire tapping, email decoding,library card watching and checking, the time  of the monitoring of the destinations one not only flies but drives to-walks to--the stores and public restrooms frequented--in an age like this
what is really needed i is not Security on the part of the State, but of the interiorization of the behaviours habits, thoughts  and words of the Security States directives and recommendations of "dumbing down" and also of the "attack of the difficult poems"--as a reminder to each particular group of its positioning in the hierarchies of the society vis a vis one another.

The Thought Police, the Brain Police--especially now that the Obama Administration is essaying to introduce into US Law the concept that one may "detain indefinitely" a person who MAY IN THE FUTURE THINK OF COMMITTING A CRIME--OR EVEN  COMMIT IT.

To arrest someone because they have the possibility someday of doing such and such--is a truly disturbing form of instilling fear, because one will have to be  ever more carefully monitored by ONESELF--trying to desperately to control and prevent  one's inward thoughts and their outward expressions."happening" or "behaving"in any way remotely suggestive of a future criminality-

The self censuring citizen will need no censor from above or outside itself,  as everything will be censored before leaving the consciousness of the citizen involved.To continually fear not what has happened and being caught, for it, or what is happening and being caught, but to not caught,not charged, not accused, but simply "detained indefinitely"  for something one has never done--simply so that one may in fact NEVER DO IT--

basically delivering one over to the authorities via breakdown and the overwhelming sense of guilt----like Winston Smith's in 1984--guilt not for something in the past as Freudian psychology and religions would have one be wary of--but of something which one does not have any idea of  which others think one is be capable of doing in the future--so capable that it is better that one is detained indefinitely--

(Why not lock everyone u after being born and nursed long enough to make the transfer to the life time cell--
in a sense this is what a good part of Earth's billions are bron into--not to mention the imnese prison of Gaza--where one is  guilty for being Palestinian--because of course one day you wil be a terrorist--if not already being one at a few weeks old--

Is this not what "Homeland Security" is really about?

Securing language and minds so that
"seldom is heard a discouraging word
and the skies are not cloudy al day."

Home Homeland on the Range!--

The "fear of Poetry " then is actually cherished by an elite as it designates them as above such toxic situations, and thinking themselves immune, they do not notice that in fact they are among the traffic cops directing the flow of persons thoughts words al into one direction, the one that knows it is "Home Wa/ord Bound"--bound and gagged--

Instead of Fear of Poetry what one is manufacturing is the Poetry of Fear and the Poetry For Fear.

A Poetics can be seen as an "attacking entity" like a virus, or parasite as it seeks to attach itself to the body of the subject, and from there to work the way INWO/ARDS--and to create as it travels a wake behind it in which everything previously present "vanishes amid the white froth--"

a present absentee-
is now become what it needs to be to fullfll its destiny (as the Israeli reporters are trained to write and speak of a Palestinian killed by the IOF--"they met, or walked into,  their destiny"--which came about naturally , and via Kismet, rather than by any human agency which might be forced to take respsonsibality some day.

And because one is not supposed to acknowledge that this is happening, , these events, this closing of poetry festivals, Apartheid Walls, denial of 700 students in Gaza to attend the schools and universities including in the us that they have fellowships and grants for--o
because of  the immense and immensely contradictory, surreal and horrifying gaps between words and things, words and events, words and peoples,--one is ever more  constrained to interiorize the imperatives of the society and culture  to "remain silent," or
 to learn, like Winston Smith that Peace is War, 2 +2=5
that is--that loving Big brother one now understands that seeming Opposites are equal, thus ruling out the possibility of the previous elements of the equation ever having existed--

one learns the ineffable joys of denying that one knew ever existed an alternative , or that one ever thought even thought and so, eventually one cannot recall at all what it was that one forgot--
the complete expunging of those irksome questionings doubts, those impure words ideas and actions which are the obstacles between one and Big Brother--

and demonstrating this ineffable joy in the Truth by joining in the attacking bray as loudly and long as one can ,along with the ever more numerous and exactly like minded right thinking crowd,
 for the longer and more loudly the Big Lie is repeated, the more solid and real and unquestionable is its Truith--

Take for example  Frank Geary-designed Simon Wiesenthal Museum of Tolerance in Israel--
which tolerates not a single shred of a thread that would give any evidence that  the Palestinians ever existed right there for centuries., and continue to exist right outside the building.

The Museum of Tolerance however is a proof that, as Golda Meier said, "There never was such aa thing as a Palestinian."

The attempts to close down the Palfest 2009 is perfectly consistent with these attempts to make --"never existing"--be the state of anything Palestinian..

In fact, the Palestinians living inside Israel--who are steadily having al their rights taken away--
are called "present absentees."

This is a remarkable phrase--truly a poetic one--
In that a person who is a present absentee--is a reverse refugee, a reverse engineered ghost from the future--

To be an absentee who is "present'__wel isn't that the way that soldiers and prisoners are "hailed" as the man said.'
"present," "absent"--

already the prison routine has set in for these beings  present awaiting their absentee status to be fulfilled. 

of course al humans as transient beings on earth are "present absentees" from the point of view of Death--

the efficacy of the phrase is to designate specific persons as already dead--
and being present only by being absentees--
whose time has not yet quite come-
don't you see --
 like the Indians of the Americas-
are very much in the way--

and so their presence needs to be absented as they walk out one day and "meet their destiny" which comes not due to the rocket that kills them and 14 others, but was simply the action of their personal private Kismet--

If one examines the current situations in the US and Israel, and everywhere where the things which words --via difficult poetry--no longer refer to or have any repsonability for--
is it not so that in order to believe in them unquestioningly , one must treat language itself
not as a present absentee--
but as an  absent present--

a "not there" meaning a never was there--
which however the Govt  State sees as "not yet there" whose  "indefinite detention" is an effort to ensure--Securely-- that the not yet there  never wil be so that  the absent present functions even more smoothly than does the present absentee--
and so even in the future--the past and p[resent never were there-are there-and this means that it wilnever happen
there never wi be any change from this Steady State of Equilibrium of the Law of Entropy--the Second law of Thermodynamics--again, donning an sense of rationality and normality and happening as though completely "naturally" --so that it never is a there--and no, there never was such a thing--nor wi thever be--

and so like Klaus Kinski's completely Mad Conquistador Arch Fiend of the Most Great Treaons-- Don Lope de Aguirre "The Wrath of God"-- in  Werner Herzog's film, --the present has dropped away like al the dead aboard Aguirre's disintegrating raft overrun b small monkeys
and in its place is that "difficult poetry " of making absent reality and --creating not an ambiguity of appearance but instead a complete splitting between the appearances and language, appearnces and things, persons--

a splitting in which it is "obvious" that one, in order to believe in the Big Lie now TRUTH which one of Aguirre's men struggles with--a boat in a tree indicating not there is ahaluciontation but instead that there is the new meaning of t"that is not a shoip, that is not a tree, --"the seeing of a doubled world now split asunder and collapsing into that empty space in which al things rare a smooth opacity, a surface of appearances from which
never is heard
a discouraging word
and the skies are not cloudy all day--
a discouraging word
is seldom heard
and the skies are not cloudy al day--

the search for  that perfect El Dorado--
made possible by Mallarme's "purifying of the language of the tribe"
which may be taken to mean also by some wags as the
purifying of the tribe from language--

hurling any contradictory being thing object word name into that ayss in which there never was such a thing as a Palestinian, in which 2+ 2=5
and in which the US Black President is a supporter of Apartheid.

In the forced denial of reality --the Museum of Tolerance and its non present present absentees, who are treated as not even ever having been present let alone absent--that is, they never existed, such things--

in there, the ridding oneself of the contradictions of language creates poetry not difficult but one in which difficulty or ease are no longer questions--

al that is left now is that self same appearing of oneself to oneself as oneself purified in language and tribe into that ultimate trasncendence of the fusion of oneself with Big Brother--

the final closing down of the being of being-and the birth of the
empty vessel of the new conceptualsm , which gives i the empty vessel tasks to perform-- copying to be done-- data to be moved about--filed--
and so--

dreaming that absent present is this hallucinatory Virtuality of detached things ,  detached  words sheltering in the Difficult Poem and Museums of Tolerance--
where seldom is heard
a discouraging word
and the skies are not cloudy all day

Salon: reports on the Non Reports of Palfest & The US Schools of Langitude & Quietude and

The writer here is echoing my perplexity and at the same time sense of "I've should have known---"
re the so far the lack of reports, responses, that i have been able to find re Palfest 2009, especially in the US; which once again underlines the "Fear of Poetry" and the "fear to say anything about anything Palestinian that is positive" in much of the American media.

When i first heard the term "School of Quietude" i thought that it applied to the Language, post-Language and "Post avant" Poets of the US, who for the most part studiously rule out involvements with "things not of the WORD."

As it turned ut, School of Quietude is the Darth Vader-straw man that Ron Silliman in his role as pugnacious defender of Truth Justice and the Language Way of Anti-Quietude Forces must continually, daily and by night, use a Star Wars defense system against.

Charles Bernstein, safely an outwardly "ambiguous" advocate of "neither side," has also been for decades defending the true Way against the nefarious exponents and examples of official Verse Culture, a Culture for which for some years he has steadily been received and published in.

Actually, most of the Old Timers have al been awarded recognitions, prizes, grants, fellowship[s and high positions in the academic and Official verse Culture Worlds, so they are effectively, and have been long been, the covert operatives for the forces of reaction.

In this thy reflect that separation of words and appearances from things, persons, sites, histories, in order to overcome the contradictions brought about when one simply confronts the schizoid and denial-necessitating American view on a vast array of issues, everything from US Israeli relations to the types of poetry allowed and not allowed to be read, spoken heard, or at least not reported upon if actually existing.

When Karl Rove explained to George Bush and Company that an Imperial Power does not respond to "what is out there," but instead CREATES REALITY--not on own reality, but that of THE Global Reality--he was speaking very much for a large section of the American poetry and academic worlds, the literary and artistic worlds of the USA

So as to NOT be a "for us or against us" type like George Bush, poets adopt a silence which believe gets them off the hook of any responsability for the actions of censorship, harassment, omissions, closings of Presses and their distributor ships, loss of jobs by fellow academics, and a long series of other of those events which happen in swarming clusters that are so obviously there, that hey mus be effectively "deleted from the screens" of one's Virtual Existence.

The Israelis have found a very effective way of operating in this regard, as I have written of a number of times.
This simply consists of multiplying, extending and intensifying the "assault on the Internet," by which means, for some years now, but now more than ever before thought possible, there is anons top assault any thing remotely critical of Israel not only on the Internet, but also on specifically targeted areas of it such as Facebook, You Tube, My Space etc.

The eradication as much as possible of any Israeli-critical evidences extends now to ads on line and sometimes in print--for travel to Israel in which Palestine no loneger exists in any form at all.

The deleting of a country on line precedes that which is to happen in those "events on the ground" which ensure that the "FUTURE IS NOW" as itis aligned with its Virtual existence, which to say THE REALITY OF THE FUTURE--
only needs to push thedelte butoon on the eventson the ground for them to materialie in Virtuality--
as the Future which has ALREADY HAPPeNED
and only needs but a few messy details deleted to indeed be there, "always already here."

"Build it and they will come----"
(Field of Dreams)

PalFest uncovered

One reason I only made passing mention --SEE BELOW--of the Palestine Festival of Literature -- PalFest 09 -- was because I figured it, and especially the Israeli actions, not permitting the show to go on at the National Theatre, would receive much outraged attention in the press. Instead, print-media mentions have been few and far between.
What gives ?
Now, at Reuters (at least Reuters !), Ivan Karakashian reports that Israeli police shut Jerusalem book fest, again (yes, that's: again):
The police action was the latest in recent weeks against what Israel sees as attempts by the Palestinian Authority to host political activities in the city, where both sides in the conflict have staked claims to have their national capital.
From here -- admittedly very, very far away -- PalFest looks like an admirable attempt to promote culture and dialogue -- activity that is, in a way, of course political, but surely not in the (negative) way implied in the crack-down excuse --, and from here the actions by the Israeli government look pretty outrageous. Maybe they have good reasons for the police interference; what astonishes me is that they don't even seem to have to worry about explaining themselves, or any bad PR. Other than what are probably considered outlets that are on the fringe or to be in the other camp anyway no one seems to much care what they've done, or why.
I hope that some of the participants -- Claire Messud, Michael Palin, Abdulrazak Gurnah, Henning Mankell, etc. -- stir things up a bit once they get back to their respective homes. Whatever the story is here, it's more of a story than the press have made of it so far.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer) - permanent link -


The Palestine Festival of Literature tours the West Bank 23 to 28 May 2009. As they explain:

Because of the difficulties Palestinians face under military occupation in traveling around their own country, the Festival will travel to its audiences. It will tour to Ramallah, to Jenin, to al-Khalil/Hebron and to Bethlehem. To celebrate its year as Cultural Capital of the Arab World, the festival will begin and end in Jerusalem.

But, as they note in The Palestine Telegraph, In occupied Jerusalem, Lit Fest can�t avoid politics.

(Posted by: M.A.Orthofer) - permanent link -

2 Saudi-Obama Admin Events: Visit to Saudi Arabia/Roayal Family Backed in 9/11 lawsuit

and it was supposed to be only the Bush Family Dynasty that was so close to the Royals . . .("the dependence on foreign oil")
Saudi Arabia: Obama Plans a Visit
Justice Dept. Backs Saudi Royal Family on 9/11 Lawsuit
(for rest of article, hit the link adress here

Less than a week before the president travels to Saudi Arabia, his administration backed the Saudi royal family's defense in a suit filed by the families of Sept. 11 victims.

The Obama administration is supporting efforts by the Saudi royal family to defeat a long-running lawsuit seeking to hold it liable for the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

The Justice Department, in a brief filed Friday before the Supreme Court, said it did not believe the Saudis could be sued in American court over accusations brought by families of the Sept. 11 victims that the royal family had helped finance Al Qaeda. The department said it saw no need for the court to review lower court rulings that found in the Saudis' favor in throwing out the lawsuit.The government's position comes less than a week before President Obama is scheduled to meet in Saudi Arabia with King Abdullah as part of a trip to the Middle East and Europe intended to reach out to the Muslim world.
Lawyers for the Saudi family said that they were heartened by the department's brief and that it served to strengthen their hand before the court, which has not decided whether to hear the case.
Saudi Arabia: Obama Plans a Visit

Justice Dept. Backs Saudi Royal Family on 9/11 Lawsuit

Less than a week before the president travels to Saudi Arabia, his administration backed the Saudi royal family's defense in a suit filed by the families of Sept. 11 victims.

Saudi Arabia: Obama Plans a Visit

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NY Times: Franklin Littell, Scholar of Holocaust, Is Dies at 91

Frank Littell is especially important in Holocaust Studies in the US, having founded the first academic example of such programs in 1959, while at Emory College.The significance of this recognition of Holocaust Studies  as an academically taught and well funded part of the American curriculum has played a very large and wide role in developing the US's recognition and relationship not only with Israel, but bringing also a greater awareness to the history, religion and culture of Jewish Americans--

Franklin Littell, Scholar of Holocaust, Is Dies at 91

Published: May 30, 2009
Franklin H. Littell, a father of Holocaust studies who traced his engagement with the subject to the revulsion he felt as a young Methodist minister while witnessing a big Nazi rally in Nuremberg in 1939, died last Saturday at his home in Merion Station, Pa., outside Philadelphia. He was 91.

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NY Times: Granta Editor Resigns

Granta Editor Resigns

Published: May 29, 2009
Alex Clark, the editor of the British literary magazine Granta, is resigning after less than a year in the job, Publishers Weekly reported. When Ms. Clark became editor in September, she was the first woman to hold that post in the history of the publication, which dates to 1889. She was promoted from deputy editor to succeed Jason Cowley, who left after a seven-month stint to become editor of The New Statesman. Before joining Granta, Ms. Clark worked as a reporter, columnist and editor for several British newspapers, including The Observer and The Daily Telegraph, and had served as a judge for the 2008 Man Booker prize. She will be the third editor in 18 months to have left Granta, which has a circulation of about 50,000. John Freeman, the publication's American editor, will be acting editor.

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Museos de Mexico No. 256

MUSEOS DE MÉXICO (Mailing list information, including unsubscription instructions, is located at the end of this message.)

  Cartelera INBA

Eduardo II
Teatro Julio Jiménez Rueda
del domingo 17 de mayo al domingo 7 de junio

Los Baños
Palacio de Bellas Artes
del sábado 16 de mayo al domingo 31 de mayo

Edip en colofón
Centro Nacional de las Artes
del viernes 8 de mayo al domingo 31 de mayo

Noches de Gala de Ballet
Teatro de la Ciudad de México
del viernes 5 de junio al domingo 7 de junio

Carmen Correa y Antonio Quiles
Teatro de la Danza
del jueves 28 de mayo al sábado 30 de mayo

Alas Madonna
Ex Teresa Arte Actual
del miércoles 13 de mayo al miércoles 3 de junio

Taller: Los procesos de promoción, difusión y distribución de los libros
Centro de Lectura Condesa
del martes 21 de abril al martes 16 de junio

Taller: Realidad y ficción: Literatura y vida cotidiana
Centro de Lectura Condesa
del jueves 19 de marzo al jueves 18 de junio

Taller de poesía experimental
Centro de Lectura Condesa
del miércoles 18 de marzo al miércoles 17 de junio

Vicente Mendiola Quezada
Museo Nacional de Arquitectura
del jueves 26 de febrero al domingo 31 de mayo

Música y Ópera
Conciertos de Bellas Artes
Castillo de Chapultepec
sábado 30 de mayo

XXXI Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez
Centro Nacional de las Artes
del martes 26 de mayo al sábado 30 de mayo

XXXI Foro Internacional de Música Nueva Manuel Enríquez
Centro Nacional de las Artes
del lunes 25 de mayo al sábado 30 de mayo

Artes Visuales
Binomios opuestos. Pintura y gráfica de Cesar Nava
Galería José María Velasco
del domingo 26 de abril al domingo 31 de mayo

Pieza del mes: Zombra
Galería José María Velasco
del domingo 26 de abril al domingo 31 de mayo

Curso de pintura: "Manos a las obras"
Museo Nacional de San Carlos
del sábado 7 de marzo al sábado 30 de mayo

  Cultura UDG
Iraq derechos inhumanos
Dir. Errol Morris, del 29 de mayo al 4 de junio, 15:55, 18:00 y 20:05 hrs., Cineforo Universidad

Luz de niebla
Coreografía, Beatriz Cruz, música, Marcos García, jueves 28 de mayo y 4 de junio, 20:30, estudio Diana

Ballet folclórico Infantil
de la Universidad de Guadalajara, sábado 27 de junio, 20:00 hrs., domingo 28 de junio. 18:00 hrs., Teatro Diana

Ballet Folclórico de la U. de G.
domingos 19 y 26 de julio, 12:30 hrs., domingos 2, 9, 16, 23 y 30 de agosto., Teatro Degollado

Fotografias de Fernando Montiel Klint, miércoles 3 de junio, 21:00 hrs., Casa Escorza

Amores mudos
Exposición de Monica Escutia, inauguración jueves 4 de junio, 21:00 hrs., Centro Cultural Casa Vallarta

Exposición de Joao Rodriguez, inauguración jueves 4 de junio, 21:00 hrs., Centro Cultural Casa Vallarta

Los amigos invisibles
Comercial Tour, Grupo invitado TROKER, jueves 28 de mayo, 21:00 hrs., Cavaret Teatro Estudio

Sólo Jazz
Nicolas Santella trio, Sherele y Adrian Terrazas-Gonzalez trio, miércoles 3 de junio, 21:00 hrs., Teatro Experimental de Jalisco

Kabalan y Eblen Macari
Orígenes, jueves 18 de junio, 20:30 hrs., Paraninfo Enrique Díaz de León

La revo
e invitados en vivo, viernes 19 de junio, 21:00 hrs., Cavaret Teatro Estudio

Dr. Frankenstein
Ópera rock de José Fors, viernes 3 y sábado 4 de julio, 21:00 hrs., Teatro Diana

Hamlet, príncipe de DinamarClown
Dir. Fausto Ramírez, jueves y viernes, 20:00 hrs., junio y julio, Teatro Experimental de Jalisco

Dir. Jorge Angeles, sábados, 20:30; domingos,18:00 hrs., mayo, junio al 12 de julio., Teatro Experimental de Jalisco

Canek, leyenda de un héroe Maya
montaje de títeres gigantes, domingo 31 de mayo, 13:00 hrs., Teatro Diana

Dir. Victor Castillo, martes y miércoles 20:30 hrs., en junio y hasta el 1 de julio, Teatro Experimental, de Jalisco

Luz de niebla
Coreografía, Beatriz Cruz, música, Marcos García, jueves 4 de junio, 20:30 hrs., estudio Diana

El diablito de Benjamín
Dir. Manuel Parra, del 6 al 28 de junio, sàbados 18:00 hrs. y domingos 13:00 hrs., estudio Diana

Romeo y Julieta para niños
Dir. Fausto Ramírez, del 14 de junio al 2 de agosto, domingos 13:00 hrs., Teatro Experimental de Jalisco

Slava´s Snowshow
Espectáculo cirquense y mimica, 18, 19 y 20 de junio, 17:00 hrs. y el, domingo 21, 13:00 hrs., Teatro Diana

Dr. Frankenstein
Ópera rock de José Fors, viernes 3 y sábado 4 de julio, 21:00 hrs., Teatro Diana

  Agenda de Eventos en la Ciudad de México
Cursos y conferencias
Centro Cultural y Social Hidalguense
Tipo: Curso
Centro Cultural y Social Hidalguense
01/Ene/2009 al 31/Dic/2009

Cursos y Confer...
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Educación continua
Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana
Tipo: Cursos y Talleres
Claustro de Sor Juana
02/Ene/2009 al 30/Dic/2009

Educación continua

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Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana
Tipo: Calendario
Claustro de Sor Juana
02/Ene/2009 al 30/Dic/2009


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  Exposiciones en la Ciudad de México
Tierra espiritual
Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo
del 11/Dic/2008 al 26/Jul/2009
La muestra, integrada por 400 piezas, presenta una revisión de su colección sobre el término primiti...
Ver más…

Crónicas de la ausencia. Óscar Muñoz y Rosângela Rennó
Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo
del 26/Feb/2009 al 21/Jun/2009
Organizada por el Museo Tamayo, esta muestra busca propiciar un diálogo entre la obra de la artista ...
Ver más…

Citadinos. Spencer Tunick
Colección Andrés Blaisten
del 21/Abr/2009 al 30/Sep/2009
El artista neoyorquino Spencer Tunick, que en el año 2007 realizó una importante serie de desnudos m...
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CRUZ ando mares de Javier Cruz
Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm
del 20/May/2009 al 10/Jun/2009
En una clara alusión al mar y a su inmensidad, el artista plástico presenta, como siempre, un trabaj...
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En Proceso
Centro Cultural y Social Hidalguense
del 04/Jun/2009 al 08/Jun/2009
El Centro Cultural Hidalguense presenta el Proceso de Carla Novi. La inauguración presentada ...
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MISTICISMO Y POESÍA de Laura Hernández
Centro de Cultura Casa Lamm
del 20/May/2009 al 10/Jun/2009
Artista plástica oaxaqueña quien luego de interrogarse sobre cómo se relaciona la energía de la luz ...
Ver más…

Te pareces tanto a mí
Museo del Estanquillo
del 28/Nov/2008 al 30/Jul/2009
El retrato es la forma más mentirosa o más sincera con que la sociedad quiere perpetuar la valentía ...
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Exposiciones temporales
Universidad del Claustro de Sor Juana
del 02/Ene/2009 al 30/Dic/2009
Exposiciones temporales...
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Materia y sentido. El arte mexicano en la mirada de Octavio Paz
Museo Nacional de Arte
del 00//0000 al 14/Jun/2009
El Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y las Artes, el Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia, e...
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  Exposiciones en el Interior de la   República
El sabotaje de lo real
Museo Amparo
del 12/Jun/2009 al 31/Ago/2009
El Museo Amparo en colaboración con el Centro Georges Pompidou, inaugurará el próximo 12 de junio la...
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Filo Profundo de Ricardo Pinto
Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguérez
del 03/Abr/2009 al 03/Jun/2009
Exposición del Maestro Ricardo Pinto...
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Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguérez
del 03/Abr/2009 al 03/Jun/2009
EL Gobierno del Estado a través del Instituto Zacatecano de Cultura y el Museo de Arte Abstracto Ma...
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Agenda de Eventos en el Interior
de la República
Museo de Arte Abstracto Manuel Felguérez
Tipo: Cursos y Talleres
Servicios Educativos
08/Mar/2009 al 31/Dic/2009

Nuestro objetivo es proponer al Museo como un espacio de reflexión, aprendizaje y di&aacut...
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Diplomado. El arte de México indígena. Desde la época prehispánica hasta nuestros días.
Museo Amparo
Tipo: Actividades Paralelas
Museo Amparo
13/Mar/2009 al 29/Ago/2009
17:00 hrs.

Diplomado El Arte del México Indígena
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