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AGAINST THE WALLS OF SILENCE--2006-2009--Selections of Visual Poetry--Posters--Fotos-Postcards For Mail Art/Visual --Poetry Calls 2006-2009 by DBC--

These are some selections of works by many Visual Poets and Mail Artists answered Calls here since 2006--and also some selectionsof images, posters, postcards, that have also been displayed here.

I am going to send out a Call later today or tommorow for the Palestinain Children, who compose 60 % of the Palestinian population--and the majority of hwom are already partially deaf due to the sonic booms inflicted by Israeli Jet fly overs--a technique also used on the Lebanese--and 90% of Palestinian children are already severely traumatized--mentally and physically,--

No hearing aids of course have been allowed in to Gaza for a few years now--nor has any one spoken out for the destruction of the lives of Palestine's Future--all seven hundred of show scholarship students are locked inside Gaza, never to be able to complete their educations.

So much for the vaunted love of education of the "civilized nations,"--it is not meant to extend to persons who are non-persons, "things"; as Golda Meier said in a 1969 BBC interview: "There never was such a thing as a Palestinian."

Another example of this "non-existence" of the Palestinians is that the legal term for those resident and citizens of Israel is "present absentees."

Doesn't "present absentee" imply pretty strongly that those present will soon enough no longer be so--shipped off to some other place--or simply one day "no longer present," without any explanation being necessary.

A "present absentee" then is another, legal, term for the "Vanishing American Indian"--

No wonder America supports so whole heartedly the Israeli State---they are the contemporary version of "settlers" and "cowboys," armed with the fourth biggest and either the most or tied for most sophisticated Military in the world, not to mention also being the fourth biggest Arms and Security exporter in the world.

This Super Powerful, Nuclear equipped Army, Air Force and Navy have all been bombing, shelling, setting persons on fire with phosphorous weapons--for 19 days now, aa population of 1.5 million crammed into a tiny space, making it the most populous place on earth. Since the people are living within the largest prison built in history, they are even deprived of being refugees--they are indeed "present absentees" here, residents of their own coffins, as the planes boats and tanks annihilate them and their homes. To date 90,000 have been made homeless, so that whenever Israel deigns to stop the slaughter, there will be no longer anyplace to live at all, no electricity , no water, no food, no medicine, no heat in the winter cold----just as it has been for two years now, a long attrition of the barest subsistence level.

And--since this was done to the American Indians already--it must seem tiresome by now to hear about for Americans, who prefer to indulge themselves in
their own greatness with the upcoming Inaugeration.

While American and Israeli children face ever brighter futures with the exterminations of the "present absentees" going on, what future if any at all will there be for the children of Gaza?

Will the basically be allowed to turn to for a living only to smuggling or futile attempts at"uprisings"? Since unknown chemicals have been used on these children--who knows,perhaps the Israelis have outdone Hitler and sterilized the future non-parents of Gaza.

Even before al the schools were destroyed,and for the last two years not allowed paper, pencils erasers, chalk or any other supplies-- every year they were made harder and harder and more frighteningly dangerous to get to due to the endless building of new and more severe checkpoints.

Many Palestinian children are killed routinely on the way to school by snipers, and some also by what even the Israeli President has called Pogroms against Palestinians carried out inside Israel and through the Occupied Territories-

President Obama said last summer that if lived with the therat of rocket attacks on his two girls while they were sleeping in their home, he also would wnat to put a stop to it by force if need be.

Of course, Palestinians are not allowed to even throw stones to protest their conditions.

The complete hypocrisy and double talk which Americans like Israelis are adopting to deal make a Totalitarian Criminal Environment be taken instead for a "Democratic" "Civilization"--is warping the language and minds of Americans as every day it is pumped into them via every media outlet--so that they accept unquestioningly the things that Hitler called "The Big Lie"--

Americans will celebrate their tolerance and the overcoming of their racist Past by Inaugerating a Black President who wholeheartedly supports Apartheid and the banning of Israeli-Arab political parties inside Israel.

The Racist Past is not gone at all--it has only found new peoples to be directed at--Palestinians, Arabs, Moslems, and as always and forever, the American Indians whose Rights as Peoples are guaranteed under the International Recognition of Indigenous Peoples that the USA refuses to sign.

Is this is why Americans have been so silent for so many years regarding both their own Wars, Tortures, genocidings and criminal bombings and those of the Israelis--

Because in silence, one does not have to face the contradictions which make double talk and hypocrisiy such a minute by minute necessity in order to accept unquestioningly this Reality which denies everything it says it stands for?

"Obama is Silent"--"Israel Launches Facebook, You Tube, On line Propaganda Campaigns"--

"Phase Three of Gaza War and Counting"

1,000 Gazans Dead--50% Women and Children--over 4,000 Wounded, Maimed for Life, in Critical Condition
Entire inrastructre, what tiny bit theree barely remained--destroyed--hospitals, UN "safe" schools, Mosques bombed--

Israel 13 Dead--10 Soldiers (4 killed by Friendly Fire") 3 civilins

Israel Bans Arab Political Parties
Israel Apartheid Found to be Far Worse Than South African Apartheid by South African Observers
40 years Occupation, Settlements, Apartheid Wall, All Illegal-- Torture of all Palestinians detained without charge indefinitely--allowed by Israel Law--
Israel is the country with the most Human Rights Violations, War Crimes Charges at the UN since it was Founded--

In the USA--Silence until the last few weeks--
already the media has greatly cut coverage of Gaza and instead on Cable channels now are running "Infomercial" style Propaganda Israeli Programs--

Stand Up to the Walls of Silence--Each Day The Silence Eats Away at the Already Vanishing Rights of Citizens--

Gaza will be a wasteland, though not "silenced"--'forever"--
as the former Head Rabbi of Israel recommended--A Final Solution accomplished legally under Jewish Religious Laws by using only carpet bombing until not a stone remained on a stone--

Loudly Proclaiming our support and bank rolling of this "Civilized" "Democratic" Apartheid State--
To make the Walls of Silence be ever taller, longer, more impenetrable--

and Americans wil have themselves their own version of a Gaza, surrounded by Walls of Silence--watched and listened to continually--

If the "only good Indian is a dead Indian," and the same is said for Palestinians--what then may be said of others?--including you--and you --and you--


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