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Free Leonard Peltier

Free Leonard Peltier
The government under pretext of security and progress, liberated us from our land, resources, culture, dignity and future. They violated every treaty they ever made with us. I use the word “liberated” loosely and sarcastically, in the same vein that I view the use of the words “collateral damage” when they kill innocent men, women and children. They describe people defending their homelands as terrorists, savages and hostiles . . . My words reach out to the non-Indian: Look now before it is too late—see what is being done to others in your name and see what destruction you sanction when you say nothing. --Leonard Peltier, Annual Message January 2004 (Leonard Peltier is now serving 31st year as an internationally recognized Political Prisoner of the United States Government)

Injustice Continues: Leonard Peltier Again Denied Parole

# Injustice continues: Leonard Peltier denied parole‎ - By Mahtowin A wave of outrage swept the progressive community worldwide at the news that Native political prisoner Leonard Peltier was denied parole on Aug. ... Workers World - 2 related articles » US denies parole to American Indian activist Leonard Peltier‎ - AFP - 312 related articles » # Free Leonard Peltier 2009 PRISON WRITINGS...My Life Is My Sun Dance Leonard Peltier © 1999. # Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sun Dance - by Leonard Peltier, Harvey Arden - 2000 - Biography & Autobiography - 272 pages Edited by Harvey Arden, with an Introduction by Chief Arvol Looking Horse, and a Preface by former Attorney General Ramsey Clark. In 1977, Leonard Peltier... - # Leonard Peltier, American Indian Activist, Denied Parole And Won't ... Aug 21, 2009 ... BISMARCK, ND — American Indian activist Leonard Peltier, imprisoned since 1977 for the deaths of two FBI agents, has been denied parole ... - Cached - Similar - #

Gaza--War Crime: Collective Punishment of 1.5 Million Persons--Recognized as "The World's Largest Concentration Camp"

Number of Iraquis Killed Since USA 2003 Invasion began

Just Foreign Policy Iraqi Death Estimator

US & International Personnel losses in Iraq &Afghanistan; Costs of the 2 Wars to US

Number of U.S. Military Personnel Sacrificed (Officially acknowledged) In America's War On Iraq: 4,667

Number Of International Occupation Force Troops Slaughtered In Afghanistan : 1,453


Cost of War in Iraq


Cost of War in Afghanistan

The cost in your community

flickr: DEATH FROM THIS WINDOW/DOORS OF GUANTANAMO--Essays, Links, Video-- US use of Torture

VISUAL POETRY/MAIL ART CALL Cracking World’s Walls & Codes Concrete & Virtual

Cracking World’s Walls & Codes Concrete & Virtual

No Sieges, Tortures, Starvation & Surveillance
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No Limit on Number of Times New Works Are Sent
Documentation: on my blog
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Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!'

Miss Universe Visits Guantanamo: 'A Loooot Of Fun!'

The current 'Miss Universe' Dayana Mendoza (formerly Miss Venezuela) and 'Miss America' Crystal Stewart visited US troops stationed in Guantanamo Bay on March 20th, the New York Times reports. Here's Mendoza's account of the visit from her pageant blog last Friday. She says the trip "was a loooot of fun!"

This week, Guantánamo!!! It was an incredible experience...All the guys from the Army were amazing with us. We visited the Detainees camps and we saw the jails, where they shower, how the recreate themselves with movies, classes of art, books. It was very interesting. We took a ride with the Marines around the land to see the division of Gitmo and Cuba while they were informed us with a little bit of history.

The water in Guantánamo Bay is soooo beautiful! It was unbelievable, we were able to enjoy it for at least an hour. We went to the glass beach, and realized the name of it comes from the little pieces of broken glass from hundred of years ago. It is pretty to see all the colors shining with the sun. That day we met a beautiful lady named Rebeca who does wonders with the glasses from the beach. She creates jewelry with it and of course I bought a necklace from her that will remind me of Guantánamo Bay :)

I didn't want to leave, it was such a relaxing place, so calm and beautiful.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Galería Casa Lamm Message

e-Lamm educación en línea  La mejor opción en estudios en Historia del Arte y Creación Literaria en línea.  - Arte de México (moderno y contemporáneo) - Estética de las artes audiovisuales - Historia del arte en México a través de los siglos - Arte chicano - Shakespeare y la literatura isabelina - Taller de Redacción  INSCRIPCIONES DEL 14 DE JULIO AL 4 DE AGOSTO DE 2008  INICIO 5 DE AGOSTO DE 2008  PRÓXIMAMENTE TAMBIÉN EN LÍNEA - Maestría en Arte Moderno y Contemporáneo - Doctorado en Historia del Arte

Si no logra ver correctamente este mensaje haga click en la siguiente liga
o bien copie la dirección y péguela en su navegador:

Three War Poems--"Private Security Forces"--from the CINEMA OF CATHARSIS

Global Groove - Nam June Paik - 1973 - Part 4 of 4--With the Living Theater

Global Groove - Nam June Paik - 1973 -Part 3 of 4--with Allen Ginsberg & others

Global Groove - Nam June Paik - 1973 - Part 2 of 4

Nam June Paik / Global Groove

An announcement from Meritage Press: Mark Young's Pelican Dreaming: Poems 1959-2008

This is great news for all who know Mark Young's terrific work from his
> "Pelican" and "Magritte" blogs and also his brilliant editing of Otoliths.
> And if you don't--a great introduction!
> A RELEASE Special Offer for:
> Poems by Mark Young
> Selected and with an Introduction by Thomas Fink
> ISBN: 978-0-9794119-5-3
> 412 pages
> Price: $24.00
> Release Date: Summer 2008
> Distributors: Meritage Press <> and Lulu at
> Meritage Press is delighted to announce the release of *PELICAN DREAMING:
> Poems 1959-2008 *by Mark Young, Selected and with an Introduction by Thomas
> Fink.
> Mark Young was born in New Zealand, but has lived for more than half his
> life in Australia. First published in 1959, his work has appeared in a large
> number of both electronic & print journals, & he has been included in many
> anthologies. His publications range from the first book on modern New
> Zealand painting through more than a dozen collections of poetry & his
> co-editorship with Jean Vengua of two anthologies of hay(na)ku to a
> speculative novella, *the allegrezza ficcione*. These days he spends most
> of his time editing the e-zine Otoliths & nurturing the steadily-increasing
> catalog of its print publishing arm.
> To celebrate the release of *PELICAN DREAMING*, Meritage Press is pleased to
> offer a special discounted release arrangement good through August 31, 2008.
> You may order the book for $19.00 (a 21% discount from the book's $24 retail
> price) plus free shipping/handling for orders throughout the United States.
> (For non-U.S. orders, please email us first at ) Send
> a check made out to "Meritage Press" to
> Eileen Tabios
> Publisher, Meritage Press
> 256 North Fork Crystal Springs Rd.
> St. Helena, CA 94574
> About this project, Mark Young shares:
> "My father died when he was 93, &, even then, his death was at least
> partially due to complications from an amputated leg. Which means there are
> longevity genes in my family. So it's somewhat ironic that the earliest poem
> in this selection / collection, "Lizard", written when I was seventeen —
> 'When one is seventeen, one isn't serious' wrote Rimbaud, in error, but he
> can be forgiven for he was only fifteen when he wrote the line — stems from
> feelings of mortality brought on by the teenage angst that beset me at the
> time.
> "As the subtitle of this book indicates — Poems 1959-2008 — those feelings
> were somewhat premature. But they're still around, since my vision of a neat
> fifty years of poetry was taken over once again by similar feelings: I
> wanted the book out there in order to make sure that I was around to see it.
> "There is a rough chronological order to the book, based on the order of the
> books from which the selections were made, but that is for convenience. I
> have nearly always followed the maxim 'Let the poem shape itself.' So there
> are streams & themes that overlap across collections, across times, in a
> variety of concurrent styles. As Thomas Fink writes in his Introduction:
> "'*If anyone these days is hanging onto a notion of consistent stylistic
> evolution as aesthetic merit, this volume will do its best to disorient
> them, as Young's 'many mansions' feature a variety of architectural modes.
> Could one predict the flights of *Betabet* from the unified narrative of
> 'Grafton Bridge,' much less 'Lizard'? 'George W.'s Language Primer' and
> 'Maxims for Tom Beckett' are both very funny poems, but their humor is
> achieved in extremely different ways. If someone didn't know who wrote
> either 'The Baggage Card' or 'The Bride Stripped Bare By Her Bachelors,
> Even,' would s/he necessarily assume that the same author was responsible
> for both? Mark Young has the courage to be traditional, imagistically or
> narratively direct, discrete, serial, surreal, 'experimental,' and
> 'difficult' in the same season, year, or cluster of years. The reward is
> ours.'*
> "Tom's selection was done with total independence. All I did was give him
> the poems, in a variety of formats — e-books, chapbooks, full collections,
> blog postings, manuscripts — & let him have his way with me. Or, at least,
> my output. My gratitude for & pleasure with what he has selected & written
> to in his Introduction is immense. I have gained insights from his
> insightfulness. The reward is mine. &, I hope, yours."
> ***
> For more information, please feel free to contact
> ***
> *A Nota Bene from Tom Beckett: *
> * *
> *"I've had the privilege of reading this book in manuscript. It is as
> fantastically and variously beautiful a book of poetry as one can find. If
> you only read one selected poems in the coming year, read **Pelican Dreaming
> **."***
> ==================================

Friday, July 04, 2008

4th of July Wake Up Call: "Respondez!" by Walt Whitman

(Note: the various versions of this great poem, to which Whitman added on more materials through time in his ongoing series of self-edited editions of Leaves of Grass, may be found by On Line Search

This Poem is not included IN Leaves of Grass but is among the Excluded Poems which follow Leaves in the various editions of it.

Like many passages in Specimen Days and Democratic Vistas, this side of Whitman's Visions of America is often overlooked, in which he looks into the near Future and sees a dystopia which is betraying every one of the original hopes,promises and freedoms which the USA had set put to create--

Leaves of Grass (1867)


RESPONDEZ! Respondez!
Let every one answer! let those who sleep be waked!
let none evade!
(How much longer must we go on with our affectations
and sneaking?
Let me bring this to a close—I pronounce openly for
a new distribution of roles;)
Let that which stood in front go behind! and let that
which was behind advance to the front and
Let murderers, thieves, bigots, fools, unclean persons,
offer new propositions!
Let the old propositions be postponed!
Let faces and theories be turn'd inside out! Let
meanings be freely criminal, as well as results!
Let there be no suggestion above the suggestion of
Let none be pointed toward his destination! (Say! do
you know your destination?)
Let trillions of men and women be mock'd with bodies
and mock'd with Souls!
Let the love that waits in them, wait! Let it die, or
pass still-born to other spheres!
Let the sympathy that waits in every man, wait! or let
it also pass, a dwarf, to other spheres!
Let contradictions prevail! Let one thing contradict
another! and let one line of my poems contra-
dict another!
Let the people sprawl with yearning aimless hands!
Let their tongues be broken! Let their eyes be
discouraged! Let none descend into their hearts
with the fresh lusciousness of love!
Let the theory of America be management, caste,
comparison! (Say! what other theory would
Let them that distrust birth and death lead the rest!
(Say! why shall they not lead you?)

Let the crust of hell be near'd and trod on! Let the
days be darker than the nights! Let slumber
bring less slumber than waking-time brings!
Let the world never appear to him or her for whom it
was all made!
Let the heart of the young man exile itself from the
heart of the old man! and let the heart of the
old man be exiled from that of the young man!
Let the sun and moon go! Let scenery take the ap-
plause of the audience! Let there be apathy
under the stars!
Let freedom prove no man's inalienable right! Every
one who can tyrannize, let him tyrannize to his
Let none but infidels be countenanced!
Let the eminence of meanness, treachery, sarcasm,
hate, greed, indecency, impotence, lust, be taken
for granted above all! Let writers, judges, gov-
ernments, households, religions, philosophies,
take such for granted above all!
Let the worst men beget children out of the worst
Let the priest still play at immortality!
Let death be inaugurated!
Let nothing remain but the ashes of teachers, artists,
moralists, lawyers, and learn'd and polite per-
Let him who is without my poems be assassinated!
Let the cow, the horse, the camel, the garden-bee—Let
the mud-fish, the lobster, the mussel, eel, the
stingfish—Let these,
and the like of these, be put on a perfect equal-
ity with man and woman!
Let churches accommodate serpents, vermin, and the
corpses of those who have died of the most
filthy of diseases!
Let marriage slip down among fools, and be for none
but fools!

Let men among themselves talk and think obscenely
of women! and let women among themselves
talk and think obscenely of men!
Let every man doubt every woman! and let every
woman trick every man!
Let us all, without missing one, be exposed in public,
naked, monthly, at the peril of our lives! Let
our bodies be freely handled and examined by
whoever chooses!
Let nothing but copies be permitted to exist upon the
Let the earth desert God, nor let there never hence-
forth be mention'd the name of God!
Let there be no God!
Let there be money, business, imports, exports, cus-
tom, authority, precedents, pallor, dyspepsia,
smut, ignorance, unbelief!
Let judges and criminals be transposed! Let the
prison-keepers be put in prison! Let those that
were prisoners take the keys! (Say! why might
they not just as well be transposed?)
Let the slaves be masters! Let the masters become
Let the reformers descend from the stands where they
are forever bawling! Let an idiot or insane
person appear on each of the stands!
Let the Asiatic, the African, the European, the Ameri-
can, and the Australian, go armed against the
murderous stealthiness of each other! Let them
sleep armed! Let none believe in good will!
Let there be no unfashionable wisdom! Let such be
scorn'd and derided off from the earth!
Let a floating cloud in the sky—Let a wave of the sea
—Let growing mint, spinach, onions, tomatoes
—Let these be exhibited as shows at a great
price for admission!
Let all the men of These States stand aside for a few
smouchers! Let the few seize on what they
choose! Let the rest gawk, giggle, starve, obey!

Let shadows be furnish'd with genitals! Let substances
be deprived of their genitals!
Let there be wealthy and immense cities—but through
any of them, not a single poet, savior, knower,
Let the infidels of These States laugh all faith away!
If one man be found who has faith, let the rest
set upon him! Let them affright faith! Let
them destroy the power of breeding faith!
Let the she-harlots and the he-harlots be prudent!
Let them dance on, while seeming lasts! (O
seeming! seeming! seeming!)
Let the preachers recite creeds! Let them teach only
what they have been taught!
Let insanity have charge of sanity!
Let books take the place of trees, animals, rivers,
Let the daub'd portraits of heroes supersede heroes!
Let the manhood of man never take steps after itself!
Let it take steps after eunuchs, and after con-
sumptive and genteel persons!
Let the white person tread the black person under his
heel! (Say! which is trodden under heel, after
Let the reflections of the things of the world be studied
in mirrors! Let the things themselves continue
Let a man seek pleasure everywhere except in him-
self! Let a woman seek happiness everywhere
except in herself! (What real happiness have
you had one single time through your whole
Let the limited years of life do nothing for the limit-
less years of death! (What do you suppose
death will do, then?)

Lumiere brothers : first film of the cinema!

nam june paik

[infovox] presentación en el MALBA


El 7 del 7 a las 7


Se presentan últimas ediciones de VOX en el auditorio del paquetisimo MALBA en una tarde para alquilar riñones. Cierra el evento con la estruendosa presentación del segundo numero de la revista de barbaridades RIGOLETO , mas que una revista una pastflora de mi vecina Fany. Vengas todos los amigos, vengan de la Luna y también de Marte



Poéticos objetos
Lunes 7 de julio a las 19:00. Auditorio. Entrada libre y gratuita. Hasta completar la capacidad de la sala. Organizado conjuntamente con editorial VOX.

Avda. Figueroa Alcorta 3415

En el marco de la presentación de los libros objeto de poesía de Santiago Llach, Patricia Suárez, Ramón Paz y Laura Forchetti, publicados por editorial VOX, se desarrollará un diálogo abierto con los poetas, seguido de lecturas y proyecciones de obras que ilustran estos libros.

Se presentan:

Aramburu de Santiago Llach.
Imágenes del fotógrafo Santiago Porter

Secreto desencanto de Patricia Suarez.
Pinturas y grabados de Martín Legon

Pornosonetos de Ramón Paz.
Imágenes del grupo Mondongo

Cerca de la acacia de Laura Forchetti.
Ilustraciones y grabados de Juan Lima

Rigoleto se presenta. A continuación de las lecturas se anunciará el segundo número de la revista de arte, diseño, música y literatura Rigoleto. Es una publicación objeto que propone una incursión en materiales atípicos de edición y presenta una acción de diseño que presenta para cada página una obra única. Más de quince artistas y escritores entre integrantes del staff e invitados especiales de cada número participan de la propuesta

Santiago Llach (Buenos Aires, 1972). Es poeta y dirige la editorial de poesía Siesta. Publicó los libros La verdad láctea (1998), La Raza (1998) y La causa de la guerra (2001).

Laura Forchetti (Coronel Dorrego, 1964). Es poeta y coordina talleres de escritura. Formó parte de la antología 23 chichos bahienses (2005). Participó de la beca para poetas del Espacio Vox patrocinada por la Fundación Antorchas en el año 2000, coordinada por Daniel García Helder y Arturo Carrera. Resultó finalista del Concurso hispanoamericano de Poesía 2004/2005.

Patricia Suárez (Rosario, 1969). Es narradora, dramaturga y poeta. Su obra literaria abarca diversos géneros. Ha publicado, entre otras obras, los poemarios Late (2003) y Fluido Manchester (2000), las novelas Un fragmento de la vida de Irene S. (Premio Secretaría de Cultura de la Nación 2004), Perdida en el momento (Premio Clarín 2003) y Aparte del principio de la realidad (1998) y los libros de cuentos Esta no es mi noche (2005), La flor incandescente (2002), La italiana (2000) y Rata paseandera (1998). En ensayo publicó La escritura literaria (2002) y en teatro, la trilogía de textos Las polacas (2002).

Ramon Paz. Es el seudónimo de un escritor del interior del país que se escuda en esta condición para ejercitar la escritura y liberar una energía erótica y pornográfica que es considerada perjudicial en su ciudad natal. Los textos reunidos en los volúmenes de Pornosonetos son presentados por escritores amigos que le hacen el aguante. En este caso el escritor invitado es Pedro Mairal.

VOX produce desde varios años en Bahía blanca libros y revistas objeto en los que la propuesta de diseño, la selección de los materiales de producción de los libros, el contenido de las notas y el material literario se encuentran en estrecha conexión. Estos libros cuentan con difusión en todo el país y en librerías de distintos países de Latinoamérica y España.



































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Lluvia de publicaciones de Poesia Visual b.n. 030708

Hay quién se puede preguntar si la poesía visual va por buen camino o, simplemente, se limita a ser un producto marginal para ser consumido entre los propios poetas visuales. El Boek861, con cierta regularidad, encuentra su buzón pleno de ediciones de PV, y a continuación os las comunicamos en un mensaje genérico que suele llevar como título: LLUVIA DE PUBLICACIONES DE POESIA VISUAL. Este es un dato, pero podemos aportar otro que nos ha hecho llegar Alfonso López Gradolí en relación con su antología de Poesía Visual Española publicado en el 2007 por la Editorial Calambur: Además de agotarse la edición en el mismo año de su publicación, apareció en la lista de libros más vendidos en España durante el 2007. En consecuencia la misma editorial al solicitado al antólogo y poeta visual nuevas ediciones relacionadas con el mundo de la poesía experimental y en ello esta inmerso en cuerpo y alma.


La edición del TAROT MAGICO POETICO Y VISUAL de la FIRA MAGICA 08 de Santa Susanna (Barcelona) constituye ya un clásico de la Poesía Visual. En la 9ª edición de la Fira Mágica ha sido comisariado por AGUSTIN CALVO GALAN


En el 2007 el comisariado correspondió a César Reglero y en el 2006 a J.M. Calleja. Debemos recordar que esta Fira dirigida por Angel S. Martínez organiza cada año, además una muestra de Mail Art, Net Art y un apartado dedicado a la performance. (En la imagen el Arcano correspondiente a Juan Salido Vico y a Isabel Bono)


FUERA DE SERIE FUERA DE SERVICIO  es una edición de Arte Objeto en forma de tarjetones y que corresponde a la exposición del mismo nombre que tuvo lugar el el Centro Cultural de la Caja Rural del Sur  de Huelva durante el mes de Junio del 2008. En la imagen obra de Manuel Calvarro.


Carpetas El Paraiso (Revista ensamblada con ediciones desde 1991) presenta su número 81 (2ª Epoca ) Correspondiente al Solsticio de Verano 2008. Actualmente acompaña a J.L. Campal en la coordinación Aurora Sánchez.

El Ärea de Cultura de la Generalitat de Catalunya en Tarragona, y dentro del proyecto ART EMERGENT, esta promocionando nuevos valores, que conectan directamente en muchos aspectos con la poesía experimental. Tal es el caso de de OnOmatOpeies.


Finalmente decir que la Guia Cultural de Tarragona PUBLICS ha sido encargada al Colectivo de Arte Experimental CALDO DE CULTIVO.Lo cual es una excelente noticia para la poesia visual-experimental.


Petition to End Israel's Restrictions on Freedom of Movement and the Press

To: Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
U.S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, DC 20520

We, the undersigned, condemn Israel's appalling treatment of Palestinian journalist Mohammed Omer, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs Gaza correspondent and author of the magazine's regular feature, "Gaza on the Ground." The 24-year-old Palestinian journalist was brutally assaulted by Israeli Shin Bet security officials at the Allenby Bridge border crossing on his way home to Gaza on June 26. He had just received the 2008 Martha Gellhorn Prize for Journalism, which he shared with independent American journalist Dahr Jamail. Omer's award citation reads, "Every day, he reports from a war zone, where he is also a prisoner. His homeland, Gaza, is surrounded, starved, attacked, forgotten. He is a profoundly humane witness to one of the great injustices of our time. He is the voice of the voiceless." (see John Pilger's July 2 article, "From Triumph to Torture," in the Guardian:

This is not an isolated incident, Pilger points out, but part of a terrible pattern. Israel gives its border guards and Shin Bet agents free rein to regularly harass Palestinians (as well as Palestinian Americans and American peace activists and academics) traveling to and from the occupied territories. Israel randomly abuses, searches, interrogates and humiliates travelers of every age—men and women—and frequently refuses to let them pass through Israeli-controlled borders to their homes in the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip. We just don't hear their voices.

Israel simply doesn't want Palestinian voices to be heard abroad. Palestinians are routinely prevented from accepting invitations to speak in Europe or North America. Students with scholarships to study overseas are not permitted to leave. Israel is now preventing Palestinians from returning home, even for a visit, once they have left to work or study abroad. (Israel recently revoked Zeina Ashrawi Hutchison's travel documents, and will not renew her Jerusalem ID card. She is not allowed to return home to visit her father and mother, Dr. Hanan Ashrawi.)

We, the undersigned, also urge the Israeli government to end its efforts to censor international reports from the occupied territories. The government prefers stories to be filed from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem, where they are subject to censorship, and allows few, if any, international journalists to enter the West Bank and Gaza. Israel censors, harasses and even kills Palestinian journalists who are trying to report on conditions in the occupied territories.

We call on the Israeli government to protect journalists who are trying to work in the occupied territories. At least eight journalists have been killed in the West Bank and Gaza since 2001, seven of them in attacks by Israel Defense Forces, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists research.*

We call on the Israeli government to end its harassment of travelers and journalists. When Israel targets journalists it infringes on a basic pillar of democracy, freedom of the press. Human beings, even those ruled for decades by an occupying power, have the right to leave home and return safely, without interference, and the right to freedom of speech.


Total Signatures to Date = 1039
First Name:
Last Name:
Use a real address if you want it to work




*These include:

  • Fadel Shana, a Reuters cameraman, was killed, and soundman Wafa Abu Mizyed was wounded, on April 16, 2008 in the Gaza Strip after they stopped their car, bearing the markings "TV" and "Press," to film Israeli military forces several hundred meters away. Shana was filming an Israeli tank when it fired on the men.
  • Imad Ghanem, a cameraman for the Hamas-affiliated satellite channel Al-Aqsa, was killed by shells fired from Israeli tanks in July 2007 in the Gaza Strip as he was filming paramedics transferring victims of an Israeli tank attack.
  • Mohamed Abu Halima, a student correspondent for university-affiliated Al-Najah radio station, was killed on March 22, 2004 while reporting on Israeli troop activity at the entrance to the Balata refugee camp, outside the West Bank city of Nablus.
  • Nazih Darwazeh a cameraman for Associated Press Television News, was killed by Israeli forces in Nablus on April 19, 2003 while filming clashes between Palestinian youths and Israeli troops. Darwazeh was wearing a fluorescent jacket marked "Press," and he and other journalists shouted loudly to Israeli troops in both English and Hebrew indicating that they were with the media before the shooting.
  • James Miller, a British free-lance cameraman and award-winning documentary filmmaker, was fatally shot in Rafah in the Gaza Strip on May 2, 2003. His producer Saira Shah, and translator Abdul Rahman Abdullah attempted to identify themselves to the Israeli troops in the area while they were leaving. The journalists were wearing jackets and helmets marked "TV," and Abdullah was waving a white flag while Miller used a flashlight to illuminate the flag.

'We are almost dead. We have no money, nothing'

david chirot spotted this on the site and thought you should see it.

To see this story with its related links on the site, go to

'We are almost dead. We have no money, nothing'
In the third part of our series on Gaza, Rory McCarthy talks to Ahmad Abu Me'tiq, who lost his wife and four of his children in an Israeli air strike
Rory McCarthy in Beit Hanoun
Wednesday May 14 2008

Her bed is on the third floor of Gaza's Shifa hospital, where shafts of warm afternoon sunshine reach in from the window. The ward is crowded, and the bed on which Asma'a Abu Me'tiq lay is curtained off from the rest and surrounded by the blankets her sister-in-law uses when she sleeps on the floor next to her at night.

It may be the best hospital in Gaza but even the poorest families, like the Abu Me'tiqs, must provide extra food themselves. Asma'a's father, Ahmad, returns from downstairs with a cheap electric hot-plate, which he bought on credit from a shopkeeper he knows. He plugs it into the wall to heat a pot of thin homemade soup for his 13-year-old daughter, but there is either no electricity or the hot-plate didn't work. "What bad luck," he says quietly to himself.

Then he reaches over to his daughter, who is coughing and struggling to breathe from the deep wound in her chest. She hasn't touched her food since she was rushed to hospital 10 days earlier: the day an explosion in the street outside demolished the metal front door of their house as the family were eating breakfast, impaling her and her younger sister, Shaima, seven, with shrapnel and killing outright four other brothers and sisters and her mother too.

"I'm waiting to see you eat," says her father. "Later," says Asma'a. Several minutes passed. "Let me see you eat," he says again. "Tomorrow," she replies.

As is frequently the case in this most gruelling of conflicts the cause of the explosion that killed the wife and four children of Ahmad Abu Me'tiq is disputed. Early in the morning of April 28 there was fighting in Beit Hanoun after Israeli troops and armoured vehicles raided the east of the Gaza Strip.

In an air strike the Israeli military fired two missiles into the street outside the Abu Me'tiq's house, which they said were aimed at four armed men who they said were "carrying backpacks loaded with ammunition and various weaponry." The Israeli military insists it was a secondary explosion caused by the "weaponry" that killed five members of the Abu Me'tiq family.

"The professional opinion of the IDF [Israel Defence Force] states that the family was hit during the explosion of the second missile that ignited the secondary explosions or from objects that had flown towards them from the strength of the explosion," it said. "The IDF wishes to express sorrow for any harm to unassociated civilians caused due to terrorist organisations [which] operate from populated centres, using them as human shields."

However, the family holds the Israeli military responsible for the killings, as does Israel's leading human rights group, B'Tselem, which said Israel bears an obligation to distinguish between civilians and those taking part in the fighting. "Whoever fired the original missile bears responsibility for the explosion that led to the deaths of the family members," it said. "The missile was fired at a militant who was on the doorstep of a densely populated residential compound, knowing he was carrying ammunition."

Abu Me'tiq, 70, said he had received no direct apology from the Israeli military and no offer of compensation for the loss of his wife Meyasar, 40, and his children Rudeina, six; Salah, four; Hana, three; and year-old Mes'id. Their deaths add to the growing and striking toll of children killed in the conflict in Gaza. This year alone at least 44 Palestinian children have been killed, according to a count at the end of April by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. The UN has put the figure at 53 children dead and 177 children injured so far this year.

Despite talks about a ceasefire the death toll on both sides continues to rise. At least 312 Palestinians, more than half civilians, have been killed this year, according to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights. On the Israeli side six soldiers and six civilians have died, the latest Shuli Katz, 70, who was killed on Monday by a rocket fired by Gazan militants into Yesha, a village in southern Israel.

The Abu Me'tiqs live in a simple, single-storey concrete house with only mats and cushions for furniture and a broken radio in the front room. There was no glass on the windows and there were large holes in the corrugated iron and asbestos roof. Several political parties had come to the house promising money and support, and two Hamas posters and a flag flew outside. However Abu Me'tiq said he had received no money, and there seemed no evidence of any financial support for the family. "Just those damn posters," he said. He could not remember who he voted for in elections two years ago, though he thought it was one of the smaller leftist factions, which now carries little sway in Palestinian politics.

Abu Me'tiq is from a family of Bedouin and was born in a village near Ashdod, in what is now Israel. He fled as a boy with his parents during the 1948 war and lived the simple life of a farmer, never learning to read or write. Now with the Bedouin traditions all but gone in Gaza he has no land and no livestock and relies on UN food handouts and support from his older children, two of whom are married and in their forties. "We are almost dead. We have no money, nothing. We are exhausted," he said.

Abu Me'tiq was was out collecting medicine from a nearby pharmacy at the time of the missile strike. When he rushed home the ambulances were still retrieving the bodies of his children and he collapsed on the ground in front of them. Since then he has been pressing the Palestinian doctors to send his daughter for treatment in Israel, but they have so far refused saying they can do the necessary surgery in Gaza. "Israel must treat her because they did this thing to us. She's what's left of our family," he said.

His second injured daughter, Shaima, is less seriously hurt, with her right leg in plaster and should recover well, the doctors say. The six other children are staying with one of the older sons, Ibrahim, 42. "The children can't sleep here at night. Even I can't bear it," said Abu Me'tiq. "This house is empty. There is nothing for us here."

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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Call for 2008 August Poetry Postcard Fest

> In August 2007, Organic Poetry guy Paul Nelson and Lana Ayersinitiated the first August Postcard Poetry Fest with 95 poets signing
> up to write and send a poem a day on a postcard. It's nearly August so
> we're chomping at the corner of our cards with the 2nd annual August
> Poetry Postcard Fest.
> Here's what's involved:
> Get
> yourself at least 31 postcards. These can be found at book stores,
> thrift shops, online, drug stores, antique shops, museums, gift shops.
> (You'll be amazed at how quickly you become a postcard whore.)
> On
> or about July 27th, write an original poem right on a postcard and mail
> it to the person on the list below your name. (If you are at the very
> bottom, send a card to the name at the top.) For crying out loud WRITE
> Starting on August 1st, ideally in response to a card YOU receive, keep
> writing a poem a day on a postcard and mailing it to successive folks
> on the list until you've sent out 31 postcards. Of course you can keep
> going and send as many as you like but we ask you to commit to at lest
> 31 (a month's worth).
> What to write? Something
> that relates to your sense of "place" however you interpret that,
> something about how you relate to the postcard image, what you see out
> the window, what you're reading, using a phrase/topic/or image from a
> card that you got, a dream you had that morning, or an image from it,
> etc. Like "real" postcards, get to something of the "here and now" when
> you write.
> Do write original poems for
> the project. Taking old poems and using them is not what we have in
> mind. These cards are going to an eager audience of one, so there's no
> need to agonize. That's what's unique about this experience. Rather
> than submitting poems for possible rejection, you are sending your
> words to a ready-made and excited audience awaiting your poems in their
> mailboxes. Everyone loves getting postcards. And postcards with poems,
> all the better.
> Once you start receiving postcard poems in the
> mail, you'll be able to respond to the poems and imagery with postcard
> poems or your own. That will keep your poems fresh and flowing. Mailing
> to Canada? .72c. Be sure to check postage for cards going abroad. The Postcard Graveyard is a very sad place.
> That's all there it to it. It's that fun and that easy.
> To
> check out what we've done before, visit the blog [where you'll also see
> we also have Perennial Poetry Postcard List of folks who try to write a
> postcard poem at least once a week regardless of receiving in order to
> keep connections flowing.],, Paul Nelsonʼs website or our Facebook group.
> (you need to be a facebook member for this and if you are, please refrain from posting poemcards until after August, ok?)
> If you are interested in a weekend writing retreat on Orcas Island in September, please let us know that as well. Tentative weekend, September 19-21, 2008.
> To sign up now:
> Please email Lana, with your postal mailing address to sign up for the 2008 August Poetry Postcard Fest.
> The only cost associated with this is your postage and postcards. Itʼs free to join, but donations are always welcome to support this and other projects like it. We will keep the list open and add names until July 25th.
> And donʼt forget to forward this info to all your friends and have them join us too.
> Paul E. Nelson
> Global Voices Radio
> American Sentences
> Organic Poetry
> Poetry Postcard Blog
> Ilalqo, WA 253.735.6328 or 888.735.6328
> ==================================

Monday, June 30, 2008

The Man with the Movie Camera, 1929, by Dziga Vertov

Agitprop Train

Barghouti Presentation: The Story of Palestine (with slide show)

The story of Palestine: Barghouti Presentation:
An excellent extended overview of the Israeli - Palestinian conflict by Dr Mustafa Barghouti and Israel's apartheid policies of continued ethnic cleansing and annexation of up to 58% of the West Bank through illegal settlement expansion.

Barghouti Presentation

27 June, 2008 — peoplesgeography

An excellent extended overview of the I-P conflict by Dr Mustafa Barghouti and Israel's apartheid policies of continued ethnic cleansing and annexation of up to 58% of the West Bank through illegal settlement expansion. It really helps to see it by way of maps and slides. This was delivered recently at the 2008 American-Arab Anti-Discrimination - ADC National Convention.

The presentation may take a few seconds to half a minute to load and then starts automatically. Press the middle button at top right to fast forward to the next slide. The original presentation (high res) can be viewed here. This is recommended as not all the text accompanying the maps on some of the slides migrates across in the posted version below, though it takes a little longer to load.

The version posted here is better for low broadband or dial-up connections, and ideal if you'd like to simply listen to it in the background as you can still glean much from Dr Barghouti's clear, erudite and slightly accented narration, as I have. If anyone knows of this presentation becoming available as a video or slides, kindly drop me a line.